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City On The Hill

The City On The Hill Music Festival will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2015. The festival is designed to bring together people and families of faith for a day of community and celebration through music on the shores of Lake Superior. 208 more words

Bayfront Festival Park


Music is the soundtrack of your life.- Dick Clark

Music has been my therapist, my counselor. It has allowed me, while being in the deepest darkest places to hear from God and know, there is still light.- Sarah Webb…

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Is there time?

There is one thing in life which we really can’t change, slow down or stop, and that is time. Mind you that doesn’t stop us wanting more of it, or wanting it to pass quicker if were looking forward to something, or at other times, wishing we could turn back time so we could do things differently, take different actions, or simply just tell someone something we never quite got round to doing. 86 more words


How opposition is beneficial to us as Christians

For it must needs be, there is an opposition in all things ~ 2 Nephi 2:11

… it is as necessary that we should have difficulties to contend with, in order to make intelligent provision for our spiritual concerns, as it is that we should have the winter frosts and stormy weather to enable us to make discreet provision for our temporal necessities. 249 more words

Authentic Christian Living


How many of us have ever felt like we have no one to turn to or nowhere to go? I suspect all of us at some point or another. 52 more words


On the edge

Have you ever felt like this picture, as if you’re sitting on the edge of a huge fall?

I suspect we have all felt like this at some point in our life, although if you have, I hope it’s not a regular occurrence for you. 176 more words