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Crying out

Whatever we need, whenever you need it, God will be there when you cry out to Him, when you need help.

God can and will heal all your wounds and take away all your worries.


We Asked 5 Christian Music Artists To Share About The Future Of Their Industry

Jeremy Camp

What is unique about music is its ability to flex and adapt to the times we are in. I see Christian music evolving in such a way that we no longer use guitars and drums to express our poetry about Jael hammering a tent peg into King Sisera’s brains, or disco music to tell the age-old story about Ehud shoving a sword into fat King Eglon’s swollen belly.

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Understanding lyrics

Following on from yesterday’s blog post Music is, here’s some more thoughts about the impact music can have on our lives.

We can listen to the same song or piece of music many times but never really hear the lyrics, until that one time when the lyrics are just the lyrics you need to hear at that moment in time. 59 more words