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Economic Distortions

Here at MarginRich.com, I mention Jeremy Grantham and his firm GMO quite a bit. That is for two very big reasons. Number 1, he and his firm manage in excess of $100 billion for the biggest institutional investors across the land. 2,572 more words


More on the stock market

I’m fairly sure that no one in the stock market cared much about my negative comments about stocks from three days ago:

83% of these new stock offerings over the last three months are money-losing companies…That 

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Financial System

A Tale of Two Kitties

Bill Gross Recently wrote a post about his cat Bob, mourning the loss of a long-time feline companion. Bob followed along wherever Bill went, ever-present, alert and on-guard. 675 more words


26 Mar 2014 (TheAge) - Investor Jeremy Grantham predicts bust 'like no other'

(26 March 2014, The Age, BusinessDay, p23, Jared Lynch)

‘Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham says the US Federal Reserve is killing the recovery of the world’s biggest economy and the ”next bust will be unlike any other”. 46 more words

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Jeremy Grantham: The Fed is killing the recovery

The money manager argues that the Fed’s interventions have ruined the very recovery it was supposed to stimulate and that the market is poised to disappoint investors. 991 more words

Term Sheet

Correction Starting or Continued New Highs

Nowadays, you can’t go a single day without reading a financial opinion about how a major dislocation is imminent or that the economy is on the mend and this generational bull is still intact. 747 more words


Grantham: It's Not A Bubble -- But It Probably Will Be

While some have been raising the notion that stocks are in a bubble, top strategist and noted bubble identifier Jeremy Grantham doesn’t seem to be seeing one — though he does think stocks are significantly overvalued.