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It Does Not Compute

Jeremy Grantham’s discussion of the economic issues behind the immigration crises facing the world stunned me. Somewhat hypnotized by the religious and cultural issues, I simply had not realized the magnitude of the problem. 221 more words


Do we learn anything from crisis?

Jeremy Grantham was asked whether “we will learn anything from this turmoil”. He said, “We will learn an enormous amount in the short term, quite a bit in the medium term and absolutely nothing in the long term. 68 more words


Jeremy Grantham, Jonathan Jacobson, Seth Klarman and Jeffrrey Vinik: "Below the Radar" Philanthropy of Top Investors to Social Causes

The Boston Globe profiles philanthropy by leading investors. Jeremy Grantham’s foundations, including the $377 million Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, reflect a movement toward “making big bets on social change philanthropy,” according to Paul Grogan of the Boston Foundation. 225 more words


A Bearish View from GMO’s Grantham

Ben Inker and Jeremy Grantham of Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. issued a quarterly letter suggesting the bull market cannot last much longer. Inker writes that the U.S. 75 more words




No, not the holidays!

By Arthur Chalekian GEPC


It’s the time when physician investors begin to consider pundits’ forecasts for the coming year.

Here are a few of those forecasts:      440 more words


Grantham Says Our Bias Toward Good News Makes Us Manipulable

In a recent Barron’s excerpt of a longer article, Jeremy Grantham, founder of asset management firm GMO, says Americans “have a broad and heavy bias away from unpleasant data… 407 more words


Focus on Long-Term Food Trends, Not Short-Term Factors, Reese Says

One of the keys to successful investing is knowing the difference between long-term trends and short-term disruptions. That’s what Validea CEO John Reese says, and he says investors who can do that can take advantage of some opportunities in food-related stocks right now. 228 more words