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Am I Desensitized?

Recently, I watched a bunch of movies where many people were shot or killed in some other way or beaten severely. I also finished reading an urban fantasy novel in which a reluctant werewolf was tasked with hunting and dispatching several vampires who slaughtered multiple people. 796 more words


The Winslow Boy, David Mamet

The Winslow Boy  è uno dei miei film preferiti, sceneggiato e diretto da David Mamet, che io amo assai. Ha tutte le caratteristiche di un grande film, e peffozza, è ricalcato su una grande opera teatrale, scritta dallo stesso Mamet: e quindi attori e recitazione superbi, dialoghi eccellenti, personaggi intelligenti e ben delineati. 660 more words


Honorable Men - Husbands

My husband is an honorable man. He is faithful, hardworking, honest, funny, talented, intelligent, handsome, kind, humble, compassionate, and lovable. He’s known throughout the community as a dependable, pleasant person who will readily help those in need. 249 more words

Robin Helm

Throwback Thursday-The Net (1995)

20 years ago, the internet is not what it is today. But the dangers are still the same.

Premiering 20 years, The Net (1995) is the story of Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock). 78 more words


Possession by A.S.Byatt

“Writers aren’t exactly people.. They are a whole bunch of people, trying to be one person.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald
I read this quote some months back…No, not in any one of his books, but in one of those Hallmark posters that feature interesting quotes…..And it stuck on in my mind.. 1,048 more words

#TheNet (1995) starring #SandraBullock: How Some Things Never Really Change in Nearly 20 Years

It’s been almost 20 years since Sandra Bullock starred in The Net (1995.) In the first 5 minutes of the movie, Sandy’s character manages to order pizza online, have a fake fireplace using her desktop, and have a weird, Siri-sounding cyber-date with someone she’s talking to in a chatroom. 158 more words