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Who Emma'd Better?

As 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Emma, how fun would it be to compare and contrast those who’ve brought Emma to the big, little, and computer screens?! 996 more words

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Dean Spanley (2008)

This certainly proved to be something completely different from the norm, and nothing at all like what I was expecting. By the synopsis I knew it was going to about reincarnation in some way but it still didn’t prepare me for a period movie set in Britain, where the plot revolves heavily on Sam Neill getting intoxicated with Tokay wine on multiple occasions and then recounting his past life… as a dog. 412 more words

Watched Movie

"The Net" (1995)

Overall Grade: (6.0/10)

A fun 90’s action-thriller focusing on the growing world of the digital age and identity theft.


When a computer programmer is sent a seemingly normal piece of software to work on she inadvertently sees something she shouldn’t have and finds her life stolen right out from under her. 453 more words


The Net (1995)

Director – Irwin Winkler

Starring – Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller,


Not seen this since it came out.
Wonder if its dated much? 45 more words

Film Reviews

GLOURIOUS 39 goes against period expectations

Rating: ★★★1/2 

Stephen Poliakoff, the poet Laureate of British television screens, again plies his trade in dark, insidious family secrets best left buried, this time for the big screen with… 1,419 more words


The Net

Before watching the movie:

I first heard of this movie at least five years ago, and pretty much every time it comes up, it’s being mocked for confusing the Internet with Magic. 712 more words


Cypher (2002)

First published by Movie Gazette

Director Vincenzo Natali has followed his claustrophobic debut Cube with Cypher, another tale of labyrinthine entrapment set in the not so distant future. 449 more words