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University Challenge contestant is trolled about her gender and gains huge support all over internet

A student from Warwick University, has been cruelly trolled on social media because of her gender after appearing on University Challenge.

Sophie Rudd, who is studying for a masters in computer science, appeared on the BBC Two quiz show on Monday night and a stream of trolls took to Twitter to mock her gender. 349 more words


[I]t was Prince Philip’s misfortune to live in another age, when almost anything said by royalty was liable to be amplified by the mass media. Before long he had acquired an awesome reputation for putting his foot in it: he coined the term ‘dontopedology’ to describe it.

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When their politicians wield power, what is left to the kings and queens of constitutional monarchies? At least none has reached the position of kings in the Aztec empire where there was a tradition that each year the most handsome of the prisoners captured in battle should be made king.

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‘I’m the king, may I come in?’ said Edward VIII when he knocked on a door in Glasgow. He had inherited a talent for slum-visiting, even if he lacked the stamina for kingship.

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It is often claimed by the supporters of monarchy that ‘The royal family is not political.’ This is absurd. To be engaged in public life and not to have political views would be a demonstration of fecklessness or profound stupidity.

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Greenspan Bobblehead Shocks Nervous Britons - UPDATE

Why’d the Beeb do it?

Friday was a day of well-rounded insanity for the United Kingdom, with reverberations felt ’round the Western world and some parts East. 696 more words


Katie Price admits she's confused by the EU Referendum - and everyone relates

Katie Price revealed that she’s still ‘confused’ about how to vote in the EU Referendum and everyone seemed to agree with her.

The former glamour model, 38, ended up speaking for many people when she appeared on Channel 4’s Europe: The Final Debate with Jeremy Paxman last  night. 418 more words