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Noel Edmonds Wants To Buy The BBC. Yes, You Did Read That Correctly

It was revealed in a hilarious and ridiculous interview on Newsnight earlier this week that Noel Edmonds, along with a consortium of unknown associates of his, hopes to buy the BBC. 499 more words

Noel Edmonds

Rachel & Boris Johnson at 'Fresh Hell' Book launch

A strange photo job last night at the launch of Rachel Johnson’s new book ‘Fresh Hell’ at Acklam Village Market underneath the Westway Flyover last night saw the mingling of several famous faces. 108 more words


In defence of folly

On 15 May 2015 Financial Times columnist Jeremy Paxman described the HS2 project as “a grotesque waste of taxpayers’ money” (paywall). HS2 Ltd’s chairman David Higgins defended the project in a response published on the gov.uk website. 363 more words


Are protons really too technical?

If it’s not too personal a question, I would love to know if you think you know what the Periodic Table is? The Today presenter John Humphrys seems to think it’s something we should probably be aware of, but he’d be pretty forgiving if you’d like to confess your ignorance. 404 more words


Best of British

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election, the Conservative supporting sections of the press have returned to one of their favourite pastimes, bashing the… 313 more words

Refused Ballot

As the UK gears up for general election season, the question of opting to not vote is beginning to resurface.

Refusing one’s ballot – a choice that a voter can make to deliberately not engage in the electoral process by refusing to cast their ballot. 885 more words

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Former Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman likes The Only Way Is Essex, but not as much as Take Me Out

Jeremy Paxman has turned to more highbrow TV fodder since leaving Newsnight.

Paxman told Radio Times that he doesn’t watch his old show, but much prefers following what Gemma Collins, Bobby Norris, Sam Faiers and the gang are getting up to on The Only Way Is Essex. 215 more words