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One-Liner Wednesday -- The Second Mouse

“The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.”

I was always taught that being the first one to do something, to say something, or to be something was always the best. 162 more words


Personal, political and professional misjudgement. Being wrong, being sorry, being contrite. . . . in the aftermath of Jeremy Corbyn's game-changing general election campaign.

Since the UK GE (08 06 2017), a number of MPs and media commentators (e.g. Louise Ellman, Lucy Powell, Polly Toynbee, Jonathan Freedland, Robert Peston), stating the obvious, have admitted they “underestimated” Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, and his ability to inspire and steer a widespread and burgeoning campaign rooted in Labour values, based around a manifesto that addressed the circumstances, concerns, hopes and aspirations of all sections of our society, across differences of age, ethnicity, social class, dis/ability, gender, sexuality and geography. 372 more words

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Hypothetical Questions

At last, and after much hostile criticism, the Guardian has begrudgingly endorsed Jeremy Corbyn and called for a Labour vote on Thursday, concluding the editorial on Saturday with… 480 more words


UK Election - "thus far and no further" for the right?

Hubris and Nemesis. Those words keep coming back to me every time an opinion poll suggests that the Conservatives will have a hard time holding on to their majority after June 8th. 1,389 more words


Corbyn defies the critics.

The so called political experts that have recently been questioning Jeremy Corbyn should have been taught some manners when they were younger. Both Jeremy Paxman and Robert Peston couldn’t hide their dislike of Corbyn, however,  the issue shouldn’t be about who they like, it’s about doing a fair and professional job that informs the viewer. 615 more words

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The Battle for No 10 - May v Corbyn

Video of Paxman’s interviews with Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May; plus the Q&A with studio audience

Channel 4's Live Debate 29th May 2017 - Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn v Jeremy Paxman

I have always been an avid fan of University Challenge since the Bamber Gascoigne days. As a quizmaster, Gascoigne was always firm, but polite, so I have always remained ambivalent about his successor, … 313 more words