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5 Awkward Political Conversations



Earlier this week, Natalie Bennett delivered a fail of an interview with LBC after she was questioned about housing policies. Painful awkward silences mixed with coughing fits, this interview was like a plate of raw eggs – all runny and vague and doesn’t make any sense. 307 more words


What Have You Done For Me Lately?

If you have lived in Australia for the last year, you’d be able to appreciate the political climate of the country since Tony Abbott was elected. 389 more words

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Feature interviews

Types of feature interviews:

  • Confessional, first person – magazines, tabloids traditionally but times are changing and now more are being included in broadsheet journalism
  • Feature interviews…
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Churchill in the News

In the latest issue of the Radio Times, the broadcaster Jeremy Paxman claims that Winston Churchill would have been unelectable in modern British politics. He writes in the magazine that “Any rounded assessment of Winston Churchill’s life has to acknowledge that he was a ruthless egotist, a chancer, and a charlatan at times. 79 more words

Montague Keen, Sunday, January 11, 2015

What you are witnessing now is the Cabal falling apart. They are making mistakes. Though they have stepped up the control, it is not enough anymore to hold all of you in submission. 856 more words