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The US presidential debates need British moderators

American political interviewers have always seemed to me to be painfully deferential—as a Brit, I grew up watching long-time BBC host Jeremy Paxman snarl, scowl, and look generally incredulous at the nonsense coming out of politicians’ mouths. 245 more words


Today’s the day the world recognises the onset of autumn via the arrival of the September Equinox; at one (brief) time it also marked the start of the French Revolutionary Calendar, though that hasn’t had any relevance for over 200 years. 1,042 more words

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Am I "old" or just "mature"?

Jeremy Paxman was causing controversy again last week. It seems that he found a copy of a free newspaper for people aged over 50 called the… 344 more words

Topical Tip on Avoiding Boredom

A weekly blog offering light-hearted advice on how to grow old gracefully – or, better still when possible, disgracefully – can hardly ignore the really very unpleasant, egocentric posterings of the sheep-faced, superciliously smirking, but otherwise drably grey figure that is Jeremy Paxman to whom old people are  ‘virtual corpses on the verge of incontinence and idiocy’ who should certainly not be allowed to take part in a referendum on an issue like Brexit on the grounds that they will be dead and buried fairly soon anyway and so are of no accord at all. 476 more words

medals need a more tangible measure of gratitude attached.

Sent to Daily Mirror 29/8/16
I understand the Prince’s intent with the Purple Heart recommendation but its value is minimal.
I’ve heard it joked that G.I.’s could get one if they cut themselves shaving. 1,011 more words


University Challenge contestant is trolled about her gender and gains huge support all over internet

A student from Warwick University, has been cruelly trolled on social media because of her gender after appearing on University Challenge.

Sophie Rudd, who is studying for a masters in computer science, appeared on the BBC Two quiz show on Monday night and a stream of trolls took to Twitter to mock her gender. 349 more words