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Look about look about...she's so fine

Those of you who know know the story behind this…..


The day I met Jeremy Paxman

I have decided to write about my last day in the UK before moving to France, because what should have been a normal day at home, saying goodbye to family members and stressing out about how many pairs of jeans to take with me, ended up being completely insane. 1,240 more words

Your starter for 10 - Kelly's University Challenge

Following UEL’s successful debut on University Challenge, we thought we’d ask victorious team member, subject librarian for business and UEL student, Kelly Travers about her experiences on the programme. 540 more words


When John Major met Boris Yeltsin

Pithy. A  diplomatic tale from Lynn Barber’s review of Jeremy Paxman’s autobiography:

JM: Well, Boris, in a word, how is Russia?

BY: Good.

JM: And in more than one word?

BY: Not good.


The US presidential debates need British moderators

American political interviewers have always seemed to me to be painfully deferential—as a Brit, I grew up watching long-time BBC host Jeremy Paxman snarl, scowl, and look generally incredulous at the nonsense coming out of politicians’ mouths. 245 more words


Today’s the day the world recognises the onset of autumn via the arrival of the September Equinox; at one (brief) time it also marked the start of the French Revolutionary Calendar, though that hasn’t had any relevance for over 200 years. 1,042 more words

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