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The Show: Spring Break

The Joint is enjoying an extended Spring Break and so it’s another raid on the audio archives for this week’s show.

We’re filling up our allotted airtime with Breezeblock mixes from… 290 more words


Correcting Eva Golinger and Jeremy Scahill on Venezuela

By Stansfield Smith | Dissident Voice | August 18, 2017

As the class struggle heated up in Venezuela this year, fueled by interventionist threats by the pro-US Organization of American States (OAS) bloc, many former supporters of the Bolivarian revolution have remained sitting on the fence.

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Mainstream Media, Warmongering

Thinking about podcasts...

Last week I took my first steps into the world of audio production and editing, working on a podcast for Sebastian at London Jazz News. I don’t think the flood of job offers from podcast companies, the BBC, Channel 4 etc will start… 500 more words

Small Update

First, I added the now MIA at their website US News & World Report article about CIA’s child kidnapping ring known as The Finders. As it turns out, they were taking toddlers to Saudi Arabia to be diddled by members of the House of Saud who were so inclined. 404 more words

Alfred McCoy: The Coming Fall of the American Empire

22 July 2017 | Jeremy Scahill | The Intercept


“…A new book by the famed historian Alfred McCoy predicts that China is set to surpass the influence of the U.S. 563 more words


Is Trump's supervillain-crush on Philippine president Duterte greased by real estate deal?

The Intercept is reporting on an apparent leaked phone call of Donald Trump to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, praising him for an “unbelievable job” on Duterte’s claimed war on drugs, which has reportedly amounted to the extra-judicial killings of some 7,000 citizens. 1,073 more words

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