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Classic Quote

Humility is the great ornament and jewel of the Christian religion.

– Jeremy Taylor


September 15

NO small profit that man earns,
Who through all he meets can steer him,
Can reject what cannot clear him,
Cling to what can truly cheer him; 176 more words


Four More Quotations on Prayer

Last week, I shared four quotations on prayer from my message “Making Space for Prayer.” Here are four more quotations from my message, “ 279 more words


August 29

THO’ sin too oft, when smitten by Thy rod,
Rail at “Blind Fate” with many a vain “Alas!”
From sin thro’ sorrow into Thee we pass… 237 more words


August 21

MORE servants wait on Man
Than he’ll take notice of: in every path
He treads down that which doth befriend him
When sickness makes him pale and wan. 215 more words


August 11

OH! there is never sorrow of heart
That shall lack a timely end,
If but to God we turn, and ask
Of Him to be our Friend! 146 more words


July 30

LORD, grant us calm, if calm can set forth Thee;
Or tempest, if a tempest set Thee forth;
Wind from the east, or west, or south, or north, 133 more words