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King — Thematic and Stylistic Variations in Jeremy Taylor's Prose

King, J. Roy. “A Study of the Relationship of Thematic and Stylistic Variations in Jeremy Taylor’s Prose.” Ph.D. dissertation. University of Pennsylvania.

Abstract: Dissertation Abstracts 14 (1954): 525–26.

17th Century

Gathorne-Hardy — Bibliography of Jeremy Taylor

“The Bibliography of Jeremy Taylor” (letter). The Library 5th ser., 3 (1948): 66.

17th Century

March 26

PRAYER is the burthen of a sigh;
The falling of a tear,
The upward glancing of an eye,
When none but God is near.
James Montgomery… 202 more words


March 9

GREAT is the facile conqueror;
Yet haply he, who, wounded sore,
Breathless, unhorsed, all covered o’er
With blood and sweat,
Sinks foiled, but fighting evermore, 167 more words

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Pilgrimage by George Herbert

I travell’d on, seeing the hill, where lay
My expectation.
A long it was and weary way.
The gloomy cave of Desperation
I left on th’ one, and on the other side… 798 more words


February 27

WHAT man is he, that boasts of fleshly might
And vaine assurance of mortality,
Which, all so soone as it doth come to fight
Against spirituall foes, yields by and by, 184 more words



I believe in listening to my dreams. When I was in graduate school I had the honor of studying with Jeremy Taylor. Jeremy has devoted his life to dreams and dream work. 354 more words

Greg Katz