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Animal Planet goes Bollywood?

“Bollywood Music” has become popular around the world and has gone main stream beyond films, hitting up the hottest dance floors and viral videos, but now ‘The Animal Planet’ wants in on the action.   239 more words

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Longtime Loch Ness monster hunter thinks it's actually a big catfish

Steve Feltham, a 52-year-old man who has spent the better part of the last 25 years searching for the Loch Ness monster, has reached a conclusion about the mythical creature: It doesn’t exist, and it’s actually a large catfish. 247 more words


Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys review

When lamprey start attacking the citizens of a quiet lake town, it’s up to Fish & Wildlife Ranger, Michael, to uncover the mystery surrounding their on-land assault. 428 more words


Monster Week Returns To Animal Planet

The picture you see above is all that’s left of a luckless family pet that was ravaged by a blood thirsty tiger.

They are out there….hideous creatures that have an insatiable thirst for blood and Jeremy Wade and his cast of crazies at… 171 more words


Jonah Bokaer, au coeur du langage des corps

Bokaer fut le danseur le plus jeune engagé chez Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Ayant poursuivi parallèlement des études de Visual & Media Studies à la New School complétées à la Parsons School of Design, Jonah Bokaer possède une approche multi-disciplinaire de la chorégraphie s’adressant au corps humain dans sa relation aux technologies contemporaines. 2,938 more words


The Jeremy Wade of Knitting

My family & I are big fans of the Animal Planet show River Monsters. I think it’s the right mix of adventure, science, mystery, and sport to hold everyone’s attention. 893 more words


April 25, 2015 | Dream Journal | Jeremy Wade Swimming Naked In A Race

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I am finally getting a chance to type my dream after spending most of the day with most of my family out-of-town trying to recover from mobile phone related drama/mistakes/annoyances/issues (I learned some things from this experience, and I do not plan on letting something like this happen again; I do not like learning things the hard way, but at least I am not likely to forget this lesson any time soon), it is a shame that things had to end negatively like this leaving me with a bad impression of certain people and of a certain store and of a certain type of job, unfortunately I did not voice record my dream before leaving; and so I have forgotten some of the dream. 506 more words

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