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We need to talk about Seven

Seven of Nine and her relationship with Captain Janeway is one of the many reasons I maintain the stance that Voyager is my favourite Trek series, despite very close competition from DS9. 1,087 more words

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Body Of Proof

In last week’s Lazy Saturday post, I wrote about procedurals that I loved, and somehow–likely due to the fact that I still haven’t forgiven the network for canceling it and so I block it out so as not to feel the hurt–I completely neglected to mention Body Of Proof. 287 more words

Lazy Saturday

Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan Star Trek Voyager Latinum cast figurine vintage 1998

This is a limited edition cold cast resin figurine created to capture the likeness of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in her famous silver suit from the Star Trek Voyager TV series… 75 more words

March 2015

DVD Review: The Flash The Complete Series DVD set

Ah, the 1990’s. Not a helluva lotta good came out of that decades. It was pretty lame for the most part, especially for comic book fans. 734 more words

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I am sure that many fans of “STAR TREK VOYAGER” remember the late Season Five episode, (5.24) “Relativity”. In it, the Seven-of-Nine character is “recruited” by 29th century Federation time cops to prevent the destruction of Voyager by an illegal time traveler. 594 more words


Review: "Secrets in the Walls" (2010)

“They are not alone.” Produced by the Lifetime Movie Network, it is exactly what you would expect. A strong-willed, blonde-haired divorcee (Jeri Ryan) who “don’t need no man” lives with her two perfect and snotty children in an apartment on the sunny side of Detroit. 265 more words


hey remember when Jeri Ryan first started filming for voyager and her catsuit had a really high, stiff collar that would push on her carotid artery and literally make her pass out and they would make her keep wearing it and filming?