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"Average Dice" part 2 -- Damage Rolls

In the last installment of this series, I looked at the math behind attack rolls in Warmachine.  This time, I’m going to move onto damage rolls, as once you scratch the surface and get past the notion that “average dice equals seven,” there is some interesting stuff going on in the probabilities. 1,672 more words

"Average Dice" part 1 -- Attack rolls

When it comes to calculating probability, humans are notoriously terrible.  Our brains just aren’t wired to be good at figuring out odds, and are prone to numerous fallacies. 2,390 more words

Marina Sirtis Replaced By Jeri Ryan In Nemesis’ ?

From trekmovie.com – Star Trek: TNG actress decries gender pay inequity in Hollywood.

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Star Trek: Voyager - Infinite Regress (Review)

As with One from late in the fourth season, Infinite Regress is an episode that uses Seven of Nine’s cybernetic mind as a vehicle for psychological horror. 4,655 more words


Existing in between: how Seven of Nine helped me lay claim to my sexuality

When I was ten, I had a black velvet jumpsuit. Catching my reflection in the dressing room mirror, I said “I look like Seven of Nine!”. 1,122 more words


Star Trek: Voyager - Drone (Review)

Drone is a solid episode, one elevated by two central performances.

In many respects, Drone is a standard Star Trek: Voyager episode. It is something of an archetypal… 5,273 more words

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