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My first message

Hello Everyone, Merry speaking.

This is my first post on my new blog. As you can see, I have been working hard to construct my BADCAT web site. 48 more words



Like hot dogs and Slim Jims, jerky is one of those “mystery meats” we love but don’t really know how it’s made or what part of the animal it comes from. 406 more words


Jerky 1.0: The Best Beef Jerky You’ve Never Had

Literally translated, this meat is called, “Meat from heaven”. Hmm… Doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it? It’s sweet, aromatic, oily, and even for a jerky, somehow succulent. 463 more words


Honey chilli jerky

It’s easy to keep Ben happy just make jerky. This recipe has quite a kick ……

1lb brisket sliced into thin strips

1/2 cup runny honey… 91 more words

So Good...

I don’t even like pork, but the husband and I just devoured a whole bag of this stuff.

It’s so good.

I think the greatest compliment I can give food is when I eat something I wouldn’t normally eat. 30 more words


The Jerky Boy in my life (and a Jerky Recipe)

Consumerism.  It’s brought us so many wonderful items.  But it’s also made us lazy.  Cars now tell us if someone is in our blind spot rather than the simple action of turning our heads.   482 more words


Jerky, what's the deal?

So, somebody has to explain this to me.  On our last visit to Helen, Georgia, we discovered that there are no less than 3 stores dedicated to selling jerky on the main street here.   165 more words