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Review for Boolicious Heart Muscle Jerky

We will go through in five categories: packaging, smell, taste, ingredients, and digestion. I’m a little ashamed to say that at first, I didn’t even notice what was in the package. 292 more words


Stream of Consciousness 1.5

It can be tough at times, sometimes even rough.

It’ll certainly make you work for it.

It may not always be attractive, acceptable or appreciated. 31 more words


Find a Top-Notch Beef Jerky Store Online and Order Your Favorite Flavor!

Feeling hungry? What’s better than having your favorite flavor of jerky?  It is a healthy, highly nutritious snack that is great for an on-the-go lifestyle. 380 more words


Exploring Salt In Jerky

I was pretty despondent after my miserable failure with my own recipe.  I got cocky and flew too close to the sun.  What does that get ya?  446 more words


Day 484 - National Craft Jerky Day (Cyber Monday) 

I haven’t talked much about my job here. No real reason, it just hasn’t been relevant to the celebrations. However today it was. Today was National Craft Jerky Day but beyond that it was also Cyber Monday. 636 more words


Home Jerky Recipe Failure

Why buy a spice packet when you can just gin up your own flavors for a lot less?  Failed jerky apparently!  I thought I was going to be cute, and make my own seasoned jerky from now on.  309 more words


A weekend of Brisket and Jerky....

Saturday was a good day, a very good day. The hot smoker was out cooking brisket and some beef ribs. I also had the dehydrator on making some beef jerky too. 511 more words