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packaged foods with a mission--- now there's a supply chain trend we'd like to see deepen

Imagine if all the young farmers who scale up their pop corn, millet, broom corn, chestnuts or filbert crops could find a buyer that adds value, champions our diversity, and guarantees a great price… 112 more words

Beef Jerky Time!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the recent report from the WHO proclaiming the dangers of red meat, and even more so, processed meat. Never have so many vegetarians felt so smug. 1,314 more words

Food, Dude!

A Purchase was made!

With our visa running out in Bali, we had to leave the country and do a visa run.

This actually came at a very opportune moment because for some time we’ve been considering buying a vehicle in Australia in order to eventually travel around the country. 819 more words


One Example of Why I Hate the Press

I complain about the press a lot.  Mostly I complain about them being really, really, really bad at their job.  But, I have other reasons for hating them.  281 more words


Jack Link's Small Batch Bacon Jerky

I’ve been eating a bunch of beef jerky lately so I’ve decided to start reviewing it. If I’m ever going to be able to retire from the ad money I’ll eventually earn from this blog I need to develop content that my readers are going to crave and beef jerky reviews are WHERE ITS AT. 265 more words

jerky , mirrors and a five shark score on shark tank.

and thus proof that any one will try and even reuse something to try and get a deal.  plus for another time one got a five deal shark tank. 84 more words


Hidden Pines Fires

Recently, we noticed smoke in the area, and after checking online found out there’s a major 4,600 acre fire in the neighboring county. After checking the news a few days and seeing that many families and animals were being displaced, we  felt the need to help. 241 more words