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DON VERDEAN (2015): New Comedy Trailer Starring Sam Rockwell, Jermaine Clement & Danny McBride

A self-proclaimed Biblical archeologist played by Sam Rockwell is the the protagonist in Don Verdean, a new comedy directed by the same guy behind… 43 more words


An 'Academic' Reading of What We Do in the Shadows

The uproarious vampire indie-comedy What We Do in the Shadows has just been added to the Netflix roster, and so I’ve just watched it again for the third time. 1,579 more words



This is basically a FBF at this point, sorry for the tardiness you guys! This week has been a little nuts with some awesome life changes and new writing opportunities. 1,068 more words

Meet the Patels (Patel, 2014) and What We Do in the Shadows (Clement, Waititi, 2014)

Two new documentaries (sort of) about minorities (sort of).

Meet the Patels

One of the best of the year, Meet the Patels is hilarious. Shot since at least 2007, as the context of the film tells us, this documentary could almost be a fictional comedy (what are the odds – I’d say good, given the success of things like  653 more words

The Newest Comedy-Horror Masterpiece: "What We Do in the Shadows"

Monster-mash together a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary on vampires and the comedic sensibilities of the Flight of the Concords crew and you get something like What We Do in the Shadows… 582 more words

Film Reviews

People Places Things

(USA 2015)

A gentle and engaging sorta-comedy about breaking up, starting over, and hanging onto what’s important. If that sounds sappy, it is—“sentimental,” “sensitive,” and “bittersweet” are words that describe this film. 82 more words