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The remembering By:Jermaine

OMG!!! Mom do you see this beautiful horse?!?! ” yes I do” “I remember when you went with your Uncle Smokee and Auntie Dale, remember when they bought you Feather?” “Yes I do!” That’s another story but my friends had added me to a group chat (my horse friends, “we trail ride all the time”). 105 more words


I Miss you!!! By: Jermaine

We miss you. You and Jakiah used to hang out but you would make up for it. I miss you maybe everyone may miss you too. 62 more words


Checkers. By: Jermaine

So yesterday I played checkers. I conquered most of the competition which was my family. I beat 75 percent of the competition. I lost to my mom and Great-grandfather. 52 more words


Feather: My smart but funny horse. By: Jermaine

She’s hilarious when it comes to snow! Feather is my big Appaloosa/thoroughbred mare. So on Friday I went to my Aunt Dale and Uncle Smokee house to see Feather my horse. 180 more words


The Royale Experience: Jermaine De Guia

Watch this video as Ms. Jermaine De Guia shares her personal Royale Experience! She will talk about her life transformations after using Royale health, wellness, and beauty products! 41 more words


Day 2 of SoxFest: Making the Rounds

Day 2 of SoxFest was a little bit easier for me — and I was able to accomplish much more. After traveling to Chicago on Friday and getting into town just in time for things to get going at SoxFest, it was nice to wake up on Saturday morning already at the Hilton for the day’s festivities. 724 more words