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Review: Woman Before a Glass at Jermyn Street Theatre

Lanie Robertson’s Woman Before A Glass is an apt choice to kick off the Scandal Season at Jermyn Street Theatre. Starring Judy Rosenblatt in an impressive solo performance, the play explores the eventful life and times of Peggy Guggenheim, the loyal patron of contemporary art, whose collection – which includes the likes of Picasso, Kandinsky and Pollock – can still be visited to this day at the palazzo in Venice in which she lived, and where the play is set. 473 more words

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Christmas at Jermyn Street / 杰明街的圣诞 / Krismas di Jalan Jermyn / ジャーミンストリートのクリスマス

Jermyn Street in Central London.


Jalan Jermyn di Pusat Bandaraya London.


Let it snow.


Baginya turun salji.


This street is famous for gentlemen’s outfitters in London. 15 more words

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Enter the inferno

It’s that well-trodden career path: make your name across Europe as a playwright reinventing the way action should be portrayed on the stage, write numerous books; seduce and marry the wife of aristocrat; lose both her and your second, younger wife; then seal your reputation by holing yourself up in a Parisian hotel, renouncing literature and in a whirl of seeming insanity pursue the goal of alchemy. 519 more words


What's the Difference between a Suit Jacket, Blazer and Sports Jacket?

So what’s the difference between a suit jacket, a blazer and a sports jacket?  These very similar pieces of men’s clothing aren’t in fact the same. 784 more words


The Appearance of Lloyd Blankfein

Six years ago, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman-Sachs, got a Twitter account @lloydblankfein. And he’s never tweeted a single chirp. Until today. And what did he use his very first tweet to do? 703 more words

Where's that damn suit?

In a previous post about my love for guitars, I mention that due to the expat lifestyle that we have, my collection is spread throughout the world, from Australia, to Dubai, Cyprus and UK. 451 more words

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