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The Appearance of Lloyd Blankfein

Six years ago, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman-Sachs, got a Twitter account @lloydblankfein. And he’s never tweeted a single chirp. Until today. And what did he use his very first tweet to do? 703 more words

Where's that damn suit?

In a previous post about my love for guitars, I mention that due to the expat lifestyle that we have, my collection is spread throughout the world, from Australia, to Dubai, Cyprus and UK. 451 more words

Expat Lifestyle

Smelling Like Marilyn....

Ah, the problem of what to wear. I had been invited to London, which is pretty much a foreign country as I go there so rarely. 1,155 more words


倫敦最英國的一條街 |Introduce Jermyn street London (下)

上一篇文章 倫敦最英國的一條街 | introduce Jermyn street London (上) 已經介紹過英國這條享譽國際的襯衫街:傑明街Jermyn St, London,自從17世紀後就有從世界各地慕名而來這兒訂製襯衫遊客。

我自己也不例外,衝著自己對英倫紳士風格的這一股熱情,2016初正式進入了男裝銷售這個產業,這個時間也是我在英國打工度假的最後一年,我拿到了Charles Tyrwhitt在Regent St分店的長期合約。

Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced “Tirrit”) 是一間於1986年在Jermyn St上創立的英國本土襯衫品牌,在這一年的工作中學習到很多關於英國正裝的知識,以下我想要以自己在這行工作後得到的經驗,來分享如何可以把襯衫穿得跟英國紳士一樣有品味。 120 more words

倫敦最英國的一條街 |Introduce Jermyn street London (上)



如果你想看如何把襯衫穿得跟英國紳士一樣有品味,請看下篇倫敦最英國的一條街 |Introduce Jermyn street London (下) 199 more words

Full Casting announced for All Our Children, Jermyn Street Theatre

I used to be scared of them.  They seemed so different.  They don’t scare me anymore.  They’re just children, aren’t they?  Just children.’

Full casting is announced for Stephen Unwin’s, … 1,009 more words


My Sunday Photo - Piccadilly Arcade

I was on Jermyn Street this week to review a play at the theatre there (you can read it here if you like). The play was about Beau Brummell, the dandy and wit who had such a great influence on English male fashion in the early 1800s.   32 more words

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