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Israel Divided

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Today we are continuing the stories of Israel’s history through the old testament. Today’s story comes from 1 Kings 12.

So King Solomon had done some great things for God, but also made some bad choices, and worshipped other pretend gods and set up statues and places to worship those pretend gods. 421 more words

Old Testament

The Divided Kingdom

Welcome back, sojourners!  This week we’re learning of Israel’s birth via God’s covenant given through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Yesterday we studied brief details about two of Jacob’s sons, Judah and Joseph.  528 more words

LFTBH - Fall 2015

Christendom and the Sin of Jeroboam

On occasion, friend and fellow Messianic, Tzefanyah ben Yochanan, has visions that are prophetic in nature.  This morning my email had a detailed vision that he had yesterday, and it triggered some thoughts.  1,195 more words

A Thought...

Scripture at Sunrise 8.24.2015

Sunday Evening | Pastor Steve Wainright | The Lasting Effects of Sin | 1 Kings 14:1-20
“And he will give Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam, which he sinned and made Israel to sin.” -1 Kings 14:16…
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Scripture At Sunrise

2 Evil Kings/ 2 Compromised Prophets

1 Kings 12-14 tells the story of four men, two kings and two prophets.  Each had great potential for good but each made choices that did not glorify God. 376 more words


The May Come a Time

Biblical history records vividly the split in Israel after the death of Solomon. The son of Solomon, Rehoboam, was king over all Israel, but because of a lack of wisdom and, most importantly, because it was the Lord’s doing (2 Chronicles 11:4), Israel was divided into two nations. 477 more words