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Listen to God

In Exod the Israelites told Moses, “You speak to us and we’ll listen, but don’t have God speak to us or we’ll die” (Exod 20:19). 412 more words

Spiritual Growth

Listen to the Man

Read  2 Chronicles 11
Focus on verse 4

King Rehoboam returns to Jerusalem and begins preparing an army to go up against Jeroboam to take back the rest of what was his kingdom. 414 more words

Daily Devotional

What We Have Been Drinking--2/2/15

Over the course of a week, I taste a bunch of wine, usually with friends, and almost always with my wife.  Here are some of the wines we tasted over the past few weeks: 1,063 more words


"But it works!"

Are there ever times when God’s word is in tension with our results?

Have you ever been dreaming and praying about some good outcome?  Have you ever, in that frame of mind, realized how tempting it would be to take this next step:  “Any method that helps me reach this good goal must be good”? 723 more words


Responding in Anger

After King Jeroboam set up his golden calves and introduced the nation into idolatry (1 Kin 12:25-33), a prophet was sent to rebuke him and give him a sign that the altar he’d recently built would split apart ( 550 more words

Bible Commentary

What kind of eyesight do you have?

Solomon was blessed to build the first temple in Jerusalem. Early on in his reign he had asked for “an understanding heart…that I may judge between good and evil.” (I Kings 3:9) And this pleased God and He gave him a wise and understanding heart. 324 more words