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Jerome Rothenberg on “The Symposium of the Whole”

Rothenberg’s Technicians of the Sacred has been central and essential to my understanding of what poetry is and can be since I first started teaching from it at the turn of the millennium. 117 more words

The Brouillon

A Poem for the Cruel Majority, Jerome Rothenberg

The cruel majority emerges!

Hail to the cruel majority!

They will punish the poor for being poor.

They will punish the dead for having died. 463 more words


“The cruel majority order the poor to stay poor./ They order the sun to shine only on weekdays.”

(poetry diary  212-3/22/17) Feeling overwhelmed as usual w/life-stuff and current- world-news-stuff. Did a keyword search for “overwhelmed” at The Poetry Foundation website and came up with this, which can be use to speak to the current-world-news-stuff, though it was 1st copyrighted in 1991.  57 more words