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A Poem for the Cruel Majority, Jerome Rothenberg

The cruel majority emerges!

Hail to the cruel majority!

They will punish the poor for being poor.

They will punish the dead for having died. 463 more words


“The cruel majority order the poor to stay poor./ They order the sun to shine only on weekdays.”

(poetry diary  212-3/22/17) Feeling overwhelmed as usual w/life-stuff and current- world-news-stuff. Did a keyword search for “overwhelmed” at The Poetry Foundation website and came up with this, which can be use to speak to the current-world-news-stuff, though it was 1st copyrighted in 1991.  57 more words

This be the verse: 8 ~ Hoodoo - Harry M. Hyatt

A peculiar yet fascinating entry in our journey into macabre poetry today and one that I think needs a bit of back story.

During the middle decades of the 20th century a folklorist by the name of Harry M. 141 more words

This Be The Verse...

READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Mary Kasimor

Barbaric Vast & Wild (Black Widow Press), one of the many books edited by Jerome Rothenberg and John Bloomberg-Rissman, is a fascinating and huge compilation of poetry, from the origins of language and art to now. 130 more words



The other day I burned a huge basket of papers and old journals and unnecessary clutter in the spirit of organizing my study. My writing life. 495 more words

Representing Auschwitz

Representing Auschwitz
At the Margins of Testimony
Edited by Nicholas Chare and Dominic Williams
Palgrave Macmillan – £58.00

Purgatory is represented by the Soviet Union’s labour camps, where neglect is combined with chaotic forced labour. 975 more words