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Protecting religious freedom for everyone, including 'gays'

A pro-family leader in Arkansas says evidently homosexual activists don’t want residents in that state – including themselves – to have religious freedom.

On a 24-7 vote, the Arkansas Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill to protect the religious freedom of everyone in the state. 325 more words


A Look at Family Council's Voter's Guide

I was privileged to get to visit with Family Council President Jerry Cox about the group’s Voter’s Guide.  The Council has been producing the guide for every primary and general election since 1990. 672 more words


>I Didn't Say It......

>With tomorrow being the Day Of Silence, I will choose to be quiet–is that a Hallelujah, I hear?–so I’m posting “I Didn’t Say It….” a day early, along with some of my other rants and rages. 2,541 more words

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Really, America?!? Issue 1: Arkansas Supreme Court and Gay Adoption

I’d like to introduce a (hopefully) recurring column titled “Really, America?!?” This space is not going to be occupied by me ranting about things I don’t like about this country. 480 more words


Arkansas Judge Rules Against Ban on Unwed and Same-sex Couples Adopting

I know this doesn’t affect me much.  While I am bisexual, and do occasionally actively pursue relationships with women, I’m married to a man and will certainly never be throwing my hat in the ring to become an adopted parent.  391 more words

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GLBT Arkansas...where are you?

Was initiated Act 1 just too much where you just want to give up?
Where are you?
Why aren’t you calling, emailing, and writing (yes..on paper) your “representatives”? 213 more words

Jerry Cox - January 22nd, 2009

I met with Jerry at the High School on a Thursday afternoon and we sat in the staff common room for our little chat. Several teachers came in and out during our talk and it seemed very apparent from the brief exchanges that Jerry was liked and respected by all… Jerry was born, Gerald Cox, on May 30th, 1925 in Oakland, California, to parents of Irish descent, both sets of his grandparents having come over from the ‘old country’ in the late nineteenth century – his paternal grandparents had arrived with “$0” according to the records Jerry saw when he visited Ellis Island. 2,342 more words

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