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Why I both love and hate Jerry Only

I hate Jerry Only, lead singer, bassist and last remaining original member of the Misfits.

I love Jerry Only, lead singer, bassist and last remaining original member of the Misfits. 528 more words


38th Episode Of "The Jasta Show" Available For Streaming

Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) has premiered the 38th episode of his podcast, “The Jasta Show.” This time it features an interview with Jerry Only (Misfits).

Check it out:


Judge Tosses Danzig Suit With Single Touch Of Burning Hand

Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig in August of 1981. Photographer unknown.

Central District of California Judge Gary Klausner threw out Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit against former band mate Jerry Only on August 6th, stating that Danzig failed to specify which exact terms of a 1994 legal agreement between the Misfits Only violated when the latter began merchandising Misfits emblems under his own name in the early 2000s. 466 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Danzig Loses Misfits Merch Lawsuit

By Marissa G. Muller

A judge has ruled out Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit against his Misfits bandmate, bassist Jerry Only.

Danzig, who was in the band up until 1983, opened in the lawsuit in May, alleging that Only didn’t give him all of the profits that were due from from merchandise sales. 250 more words


Jerry Only Moves For Dismissal Of Danzig Trademark Lawsuit

The warring parties of Only and Danzig in 1983. Photo by Bill Daniel.

You bet your life there’s gonna be a fight: Misfits bassist Jerry Only and his lawyers have moved to dismiss the lawsuit Misfits founder Glenn Danzig… 901 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Rockfest pt 4 - Misfits and Danzig

Misfits are in my opinion one of the most known bands in the punk scene and are repped by people in all genres.  They single-handily created the Horror Punk scene and have paved the way for Punk to explode into what it is today.   89 more words


W oczekiwaniu na kolejne koncerty opowiem o kilku moich ulubionych zespołach. Pierwszym z tej serii będzie legendarny zespół Misfits. Odkryłem ich ponad dwa lata temu. Szybko stali się nie tylko moim ulubionym zespołem punkowym, ale też jednym z ulubionych w ogóle. 470 more words