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Blogging the 2017 Grammys Category 57 – Best Comedy Album

I don’t have much to comment on in this category. The Dave Chapelle is on Netflix and I enjoyed them immensely. The Jim Gaffigan has 6 comedy tracks and 6 commentaries where he tells you how he wrote the joke. 98 more words

Grammys 2017

"Don't Break the Chain"

Jerry Seinfeld wanted to be better comic. Better comics have better jokes, and better jokes come from writing every day. To motivate himself to write everyday, he put a calendar on the wall and made a big red X each day he wrote jokes. 145 more words


Jerry Seinfeld: 'What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh'

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a web series talk show directed and hosted by actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld, which premiered on July 19, 2012, on digital network Crackle. 249 more words

United States

What's Wrong with Liberal Jews?

Progressive except for Palestine

By Philip Giraldi • Unz Review • January 16, 2018

Jerry Seinfeld, the Jewish American comedian, who was performing in Tel Aviv Israel at the Menora Mavtichim Arena at the end of December, recently…

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Seinfeld, #Israel and the Two-Headed Media

They say there are two sides to every story, and the same applies to today’s brand of journalism, the editorial news. The slant of each article depends on the favored agenda. 988 more words