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The problem of God's "hiddenness"

In his book Hell: The Logic of Damnation (great title, by the way), Jerry Walls, a United Methodist theologian, makes a case for perdition in the face of modern objections. 921 more words

Is God Properly Described as "Love" in the Theology of John Calvin?

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. 

When I first began to wonder how the Calvinists might interpret the Johannine declaration that God is love (see 1 John 4:8 and 16), I turned immediately to Calvin’s… 2,806 more words


Hell as Universal Purgatory

“A human being cannot fail to love the Christ who is revealed in him, and he cannot fail to love himself revealed in Christ” ( 3,701 more words


WikiLeaks Releases Receipts Revealing Piper’s Buyout of New Perspective Books

Minneapolis, MN — This week, WikiLeaks released receipts that reveal John Piper’s clandestine buyout of all books supportive of New Perspective (NP) on Paul.  Christians in America are in complete shock that Piper would resort to such tactics.  192 more words


Summary of Walls' Response to Burk's ECT

I spent 11 posts carefully engaging Denny Burk’s entire case for Eternal Conscious Torment (ECT) in Four Views on Hell: Second Edition. I’ve also summarised… 1,222 more words


Book Review: "Four Views on Hell: Second Edition"

Hell: it’s not a comfortable subject to broach with others. We probably don’t spend much time talking about it and as a result probably don’t spend too much time… 664 more words

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