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To tu quoque or not to tu quoque?

Or I might equally call this: Why pinching an Alvin Plantinga argument to one problem and applying it to another isn’t really good enough!

Those of you who follow the exchange between Arminians and Calvinists will no doubt be aware of the objections against compatibilism. 1,673 more words


The Advantage of the Traditionalists (or Those Who Believe in Hell)

Confusion I think arises when we call moral choices of the will “irrational”, for that slips in a more intellect driven, almost mathematical image that doesn’t fully capture the epistemic predicament human beings are really in. 1,518 more words

Free Will

Calvinism and the Problem of Evil (Or, Dealing with the Sparsity Objection)

There are many of overlaps between the problem of evil in philosophy and apologetics (how could a good, all-powerful God allow such evil as we see in the world?)  and issues concerning the tensions between divine sovereignty and human effort in our theology of salvation (if God is sovereign over history, then what role does our will play in things?). 1,828 more words


Downtown Mission fighting through food bank 'famine'

When Louie Doutsas woke up on Saturday morning, he was hungry and needed bread.

Unable to afford it at the grocery store, he went to the Downtown Mission Food Bank. 691 more words


Does God want you to be rich? (and healthy?)

Have you ever heard of the Health and Wealth Gospel? It is a view of faith in Christ that has been around a while that basically says “if you are faithful enough to God, he has to bless you with health and wealth.” 644 more words

FUTURE & Purgatory: One (Solitary?) Evangelical’s Affirmation #ScotMcKnight on #JerryWalls

by: Scot McKnight, 4:14/15.

Jerry Walls is one of the few evangelicals by confession who also affirms purgatory. I don’t agree with Walls here, but after a full book on the topic, Walls reduces his argument to a single chapter in… 121 more words


Book Review: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory: A Protestant View of the Cosmic Drama by Jerry L. Walls

Brazos | Amazon | CBD

Jerry Walls, who has published widely on Christianity’s teaching on the afterlife (though this is not a uniform concept), here seeks to articulate and defend a… 595 more words