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scattered notes on LAL @ PHI, 12/7/17

•  I haven’t watched enough Sixers games with the requisite attention to know if this is a consistent problem, but they don’t seem to take enough advantage of mismatches: Joel Embiid has had Lonzo Ball guarding him on the perimeter and just passed it on down the line.  852 more words

76ers fans chill with Jerryd Bayless mid-game after he falls into courtside seats

Two 76ers fans sitting courtside at the Sixers-Lakers game got a visit from Jerryd Bayless in the second quarter on Thursday night. Bayless landed right in between them and casually put his arm around the kid. 103 more words


Joel Embiid + Ben Simmons + LeBron James Seems Like a Thing That Could Happen in Philadelphia

I still believe LeBron will end up with the Lakers this summer – others think next summer is a possibility – but after watching Joel Embiid put up a historic performance Wednesday night in LA, it’s time to… 382 more words