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Cooking with leftovers 

chicken tikka .. That lovely one from the other day..

Half a pink onion left in the fridge.. Fried off with ginger and garlic..

Added the chopped chicken.. 51 more words

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Leetle T-bone lamb choppies BBQ'ued

Having got the Middle Eastern butcher to run these through the bandsaw to get them as thin as possible..taking off the tail yet leaving a perfect little T.. 168 more words

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Citrus Chicken

THERE are few things better than the smell of a chicken roasting in the oven on a Sunday. In the Summer months, when it is not quite yet warm enough for a BBQ nor fitting for a traditional roast, I love to invite friends over for an apéritif or two in the garden before moving to the kitchen for a healthy twist on this British favourite. 399 more words

Clean Eating

Ormer - St Helier, Jerseys

“Another Michelin Star restaurant on Jersey, don’t mind if I do…”

The Flame had arranged a quick week in Jersey. No problem I thought, the place is steeped to the gills in Michelin starred restaurants and the place heaves with quality raw materials. 715 more words

Eating Out Reviews

It's a steak out! 

We are on steak-out.. (cooking steak outside!)..

Oh! I getcha! The spellings gave it away huh?

Ahh well !

Take a wee looksie at these!! … 198 more words

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Sticky Lamb Chops with Pickled Beets, Minty Jersey Royals and Cauliflower Puree

I am so happy that we are into Jersey Royal season, they are officially the best potatoes! You know that Summer is on its way when the potato isles are full of these muddy little beauties (even if it is cold and wet outside), and I for one am taking full advantage of this! 514 more words


Leon chorizo & Jersey royals omelette

going through the fridge showed me..

That we don’t eat cherry yoghurt ( it’s gone way over date..).. And also that there is a stick of Leon chorizo needing eating.. 115 more words

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