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Steph Curry Tops NBA Jersey Sales

Best Selling NBA Jerseys April to June:

1. Steph Curry 

2. Lebron James 

3. Derrick Rose 

4. Kyrie 

5. Klay Thompson

6. Kobe

7. James Harden  6 more words

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Bill Russell and Johnny Unitas jerseys sell for more than $98k

Bill Russell and Johnny Unitas are two of the greatest athletes of all time in their respected sports. While Russell was grabbing rebounds and winning NBA titles with the Boston Celtics, Unitas was throwing touchdown passes and winning NFL Championships with the Baltimore Colts. 90 more words


Matthew Dellavedova Has To Stop Drinking Coffee Before And During Games

Matthew Dellavedova is our new Grit King because of his relentless energy fueled by competitive desire — and coffee, it turns out. Apparently, Delly’s pregame ritual (every player has one) involves at least a cup of black coffee, and he got a halftime pick-me-up of another cup during Game 3, although there hasn’t been any word regarding whether that’s an every-game thing. 324 more words


Tom Brady jersey sales double after suspension

Tom Brady has been the quarterback for the New England Patriots for 14 years now, so it stands to reason most of his fans have a Brady jersey somewhere in their closet. 268 more words


Steven Gerrard’s No. 8 Galaxy jersey bound to have huge sales

One of England’s greatest midfielders and the current captain of Liverpool FC, Steven Gerrard, is set to make his debut for the L.A. Galaxy on July 17 against the San Jose Earthquakes. 213 more words


Peyton Manning is NFLPI's top seller again

Peyton Manning may not be playing in the Super Bowl, but he has taken back his title as top player for merchandise sold during the sales period from Sept. 216 more words