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Jersey Shore, Season 4, Episode 1

When I first heard the news I was not surprised. Sending the cast of the JERSEY SHORE abroad seemed natural as they’d already achieved so much in America. 1,342 more words

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Jersey Shore: Another Summer Comes to a Close

After seeing previews showing Snooki doing cartwheels and JWoww and Roger having ‘the talk’, I can’t even tell you how excited I was for last night’s season finale of Jersey Shore. 485 more words


Jersey Shore: YEAAAAAA...BUDDY!

So the episode starts with Sitch, Ron and Sam getting to the bottom of the Arvin mess.   Its great that Mike is the one who’s fighting with Sam, and is in Ronnie’s hear like Jiminy Cricket. 552 more words

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Jersey Shore: Drunk Dials from Mom

The only way to sum up last night’s episode (or the whole season, really) of Jersey Shore is by trying to figure out who was the biggest bitch of the night. 625 more words


Jersey Shore: Sammi Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar

Before I get into this past episode, I should say that I just today noticed that in the opening character introductions, as Deena’s picture and name are portrayed, there is a byte of her screaming “YOU LIKE THE BOOBS?”…just thought it was worth mentioning. 472 more words

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Jersey Shore: Return of the Samm-I

Some more fun times on the Shore…

In order to cope with his grief, Ronnie calls his father for some advice.  I’m thinking to myself, “Boy this should be good.”  It starts of strong, as Ronnie’s Dad goes”I’ll be right down bro”.   322 more words

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Jersey Shore: Worst "Prank-war" in History

I, like the rest of the sane and non-snobby society, am a huge fan of the Jersey Shore.  Any foregoing comments should not be interpreted as criticisms nor as what some may call “Shore-bashing”, however certain observations must be made about last nights episode. 484 more words

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