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France (Home 1984-85)

Now, here is the first REALLY big one – that is the first France jersey that lifted a trophy. And that deserves a separate post. So, here we go … 460 more words

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France (Home 1904-71)

Now, in order to honor the two finalists I decided to revive my ‘History of Classic Soccer Shirts’ and look at the history of both Croatian and French jerseys. 932 more words

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My Thoughts on the 2018 World Cup Jerseys

Well, I have reviewed them all, but there is an overarching theme in all these jerseys that I discuss in this video:

If you would like to see more videos like this, subscribe to my… 6 more words

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Morocco (Home & Away 2018)

Last jerseys for this World Cup! From here on, I will regularly update the calculations on this blog and keep checking these group pages as they will be updated with results. 415 more words

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Saudi-Arabia (Home & Away 2018)

Four hours to go and two post still to write. In addition, I revived my accompanying YouTube channel so lots to do these days. But yes, let’s waste not too much time and go right to Saudi Arabia: 470 more words

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Denmark (Home & Away 2018-19)

Last European team and also the last two unveil their shirts. Not much more to say, so let’s get to it:

With Hummel as their supplier, Denmark stands out from the fold and we all are happy to have one of the classic supplier-team combinations back. 379 more words

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Panama (Home & Away 2018)

Well, 6 days to go and 4 more teams to look at. Sounds doable. I am also planning two more posts of a different kind one of which will be an updated projection just prior to the tournament. 631 more words

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