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Traditional Location

It spoke to me.  It yelled at me, so last week at the Gofna Archaeology conference across the street from my house, I bought it – the complete book on the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  798 more words

Interesting Stuff

Getting away with it

Wandering around
on the fringes of respectability
and caring nothing for the good regard
of the religious establishment,
Jesus pulled a ‘Pussy Riot’ protest
in the sacred precincts of the temple. 112 more words


Generous With Our Actions

“Generous With Our Actions”  (delivered at St. Luke’s Church, Morton Grove, Illinois)

John 5:8-9 – March 1, 2015

Ever know someone who is a pessimist? A sad sack? 1,416 more words


Jerusalem, Israel

There is perhaps no place more contentious than the city of Jerusalem. It is the crossroads of the world’s monotheistic religions, the holy land for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.  1,204 more words


On The Road To Emmaus

Two men were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, unaware that 47 days later the power of the Holy Spirit was going to descend on an upper room in Jerusalem and change the world forever. 1,144 more words


Jerusalem Gets Most Snow In 20 Years

Jerusalem has snow as the strongest storm in more than 20 years dumped accumulation across the north of Israel.

The snow started early this week in Jerusalem after torrential downpours struck the area, with accumulation also falling in areas of the West Bank including Hebron and Ramallah. 234 more words

Extreme Weather

Near or Far (1)

When Jesus told us to “make disciples of all nations”, did he really mean reaching far places?

Yes because Jesus wants his disciples to bring the good news of the kingdom to people all over the earth. 392 more words