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The 9 / 11 /2001 attack timing is significant in itself . It puts things in their right place and answers many questions . This attack on the two towers happened after the victorious Lebanese Resistance – as a result of 16 years of armed struggle and hundreds of martyrs – succeeded in driving out the Israelis and in liberating the land ending 18 years of Israeli occupation . 584 more words


Where did all the Templar treasure disappear to?

It’s vexed many down the ages. The Templars were warriors, monks and medieval bankers. They ran a financial system through their preceptories that spanned Europe and funded their crusades in the Holy Land and Al-Andalus (modern Spain and Portugal). 394 more words

I Was Blind . . .

Saul was a Jew, originally from the Turkish town of Tarsus, and several years younger than Jesus (251).  He was raised as a devout Pharisee — a scholarly & rule-bound Jewish denomination. 233 more words


Saviours or Destroyers of the Ummah?

By Mohamad Tarmizi

The Umayyad Caliphate was established by Mu’awiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan RA in 661 CE and it is considered to be the first Muslim dynasty in the Muslim world. 843 more words

Muslim History

Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (1/2)

For those who have some kind of confidence in me, I fear that I shall disappoint you if you seek clear direction on recent events in Turkey, i.e. 1,684 more words

Did the Templars find anything under the Temple of Solomon?

The nine knights who founded the Knights Templar petitioned the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1119 to establish their headquarters in what had been the Al Aqsa mosque – before the crusaders seized the city in 1099, putting an end to four hundred years of Muslim rule. 470 more words

BBC News misleads audiences on Palestinian boy's death

Towards the end of the BBC News website’s recent report on the topic of a new Israeli law – discussed here – readers were told that: 323 more words