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Jeshua Speaks about: ABSOLUTE LOVE, INFINITE LIGHT ~ Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

ART : Copyright Barbara Ann Brennan from “Hands of Light”



Now, beloved one, we are going to talk about a vast subject. 2,740 more words


Bird takes off

The very essence of Bird * is to save others – to take the attention away from the awareness that it is really she who needs the healing. 228 more words

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Jeshua, Cleansed Priest

Reference:  Ezra 3:1-9; 5:1-2; Zechariah 3

Heart of the Story: God replaced Jeshua’s clothes, polluted by sin, with clean garments and demonstrated that God—not sacrifices, altars, or temples—forgives and justifies. 543 more words


Jeshua Speaks about Channeling ~ Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

ART : Eclipse ~ Kinuko Y Craft
Jeshua Speaks About:June 2015


Beloved one, many in your world have asked, “What is channeling?” Many have been afraid of it and have said, “Channeling is opening to things that I do not understand.” That statement is very true in the world; the ego sees much to fear because it does not understand, cannot comprehend the Whole Self. 1,930 more words


Crazy People Who Think They are Jesus

A friend shared a joke about a room full of crazy people who all had been diagnosed based on their belief they were Jesus. I forget the punch line, but you can imagine it. 777 more words

Change of mind

Yesterday,  an alarm-technician came to fix my alarm ( the momentum it had lasted far to long when it was ignited – nice symbol :) Now, as soon as a push the button the sound is over. 335 more words

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A Message of Warning from the One True God Jehovah!

Very powerful, prophetic warning to the leaders and people of the United States of America. I believe God sent this man to give this warning from Jeshua just as He sent prophets in the Old Days. 33 more words

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