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The Expanded Reality - Jeshua through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

The Expanded Reality

Beloved one, now we are going to have fun. We are going to speak of something that is mind expanding, something that will also allow the heart to open and resonate. 2,792 more words


The Long Road Home - Jeshua through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University


Jeshua Speaks About:November 2015

The Long Road Home

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the long road Home. You have felt for many lifetimes that you were not Home, that you wanted to find Home again. 1,627 more words


"There Is A Grand Exodus Coming ..."

“There is a grand exodus coming — a departure of souls.”

— Jesus

Channeled through Ellen on 8-16-15

Channeled Messages


Welcome all!

Today’s story is from the book of Ezra.

The Israelites had all been taken captive out of the promised land. King Cyrus of Persia had taken over Babylon and God softened his heart so he decided the Israelites could return home. 418 more words

Old Testament

Jeshua ~ The Great Release ~ Sept. 24, 2015

By Yael and Doug Powel, Sept 2015

Beloved ones, you are standing, once again, on the threshold of transformation. You are stepping into a change that is so grand, it is invisible to the mind. 1,546 more words

Jeshua Speaks about: ABSOLUTE LOVE, INFINITE LIGHT ~ Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

ART : Copyright Barbara Ann Brennan from “Hands of Light”



Now, beloved one, we are going to talk about a vast subject. 2,740 more words


Bird takes off

The very essence of Bird * is to save others – to take the attention away from the awareness that it is really she who needs the healing. 228 more words

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