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Album review: Gary Daley/Sanctuary

I wrestled with this one longer than I thought I would.

I wrestle with them all, to a degree, but Sanctuary – the new one from Sydney composer/pianist/accordionist… 524 more words

Album Review: Jazz

An Angel On Cank Street & Other Poems

An Angel on Cank Street

I saw an angel on Cank Street
Working in a bar, serving drinks
Her wings folded like a white cardigan, 236 more words


The month of firsts: January doings

What happened to January?  One minute I’m wondering how I’ll ever get back up to speed for the start of the spring term at school – next thing I know, I’m receiving e-newsletters full of the joys of February poetry events! 541 more words


Women's Words

There were a lot of words flying about yesterday, one way and another: first I went to the inaugural session of Sound Cafe, a new project for the homeless in Leicester which combines tea and cake with words and music (‘let them eat cake and listen to folk’?)  This was very interesting: it took place in St Martin’s House, next to the Cathedral and a whole host of volunteers assembled themselves and urns of tea plus boxes of cake, for the beginning.   348 more words

Friends And Family

KTAKTP - Interview #3 - Jess Green, spoken word poet.

We caught up with Jess Green, spoken word poet, about the power of art, poetry, spoken word and reaching out to those who may never normally come across poetry.


Interview: Jess Green

Jess Green. The woman behind ‘Dear Mr Gove’. In my opinion, a genius.

‘They say they don’t care. And why would they? I don’t blame them. 681 more words


I'll just leave this here...

Just thought that any teachers who follow my blog may be interested in watching this. Let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree with what Jess Green is saying.