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A little sneak peek!

Uploading to Youtube has been a nightmare but here’s a sneak peek of the editing process.

Due to having some problems with the footage, for example a lot of shaky camera work and problems with audio due to the settings that were filmed in, we had a few editing problems at first. 67 more words

Syncing is a massive pain

We decided to try and include Paige’s cover of ‘No Church in the Wild’ as we had a few different clips/ scenarios where she was singing it acapella or playing it with her band. 177 more words

Sooooo much footage

Waiting for footage, getting the footage, uploading the footage takes longer than forever!! And I also think I know the MTEM Suite better than the back of my hand. 70 more words


One final push for the finish, and it has turned into a 4am finish for the editing team.

However, we now have a few days of relaxation before deadline day (Thats good planning!)

– Adam Conway

We Love To Sync

Syncing a live performance recording with footage from a rehearsal proved to be tedious and enjoyable all at the same time. However, after loading into logic to fix levels (Thank you Jess Nash), many cigarette breaks and ordering Chinese, we finally got it tight. 133 more words

Blurred Lines

Still together with Adam, Becky and Jess

Starting to learn that to be an editor requires heavy man/woman hours.

After hours of seeing the same footage a good foundation for the structure of the film is starting to take place. 28 more words

Editing phase 1

Here with the rest of the editing team and reviewing all the footage now and I must say… there is a lot of it.

Gaining an idea though into what clips we think can be used

-Kurtis Cadogan