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Preview - Evil Ernie #3


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Teen +
Written by Jesse Blaze Snider 
Art by Jason Craig
Covers by Ardian Syaf (25%), Dan Brereton (25%), Kyle Hotz (25%), Stephen Segovia (25%) 145 more words


Evil Ernie is Back at Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment is bringing back the classic Chaos! character Evil Ernie from the creative team of writer Jesse Blaze Snider and artist Jason Craig. Covers will be provided by… 179 more words


Muppet Snow White 4 (July 2010)

Now… this issue is an unmitigated disaster. Snider and Storck cut loose–free of the Snow White plot, shattering the fourth wall as the book entirely loses track of itself–and it’s bad. 148 more words


Muppet Snow White 3 (June 2010)

Remember when I said Snider and Storck were going to run into major pacing issues? They spend half this issue (or thereabouts) on a rock concert for the Electric Mayhem (who are the dwarves in Muppet Snow White) being threatened by one of the Queen’s assassins. 128 more words


Muppet Snow White 2 (May 2010)

I’ve decided Paroline’s art works well for Muppet Snow White. The book doesn’t require any suspension of disbelief–it’s hard to use that term when talking about a Muppet story–as the reader is constantly reminded it’s the Muppets doing a Snow White “performance,” as opposed to it just being Snow White told with a Muppet cast. 120 more words


Muppet Snow White 1 (April 2010)

Snider and Storck take many four pages in the middle of this issue as an aside. Yes, they introduce Snow White and her prince, but it’s mostly just them having a lot of fun with the script. 147 more words


Dead Romeo #1 Review

I grabbed this for 2 reasons – the cover and the name. They’re both awesome. Written by Jesse Blaze Snider (yes, he is a musician, the son of Dee Snider infact) and pencilled by Ryan Benjamin this new six issue mini-series is kind of like Twilight for the manly. 451 more words

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