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What to know about mobile buyout programs

Cell phone companies are doing all they can to get your business including “hard to beat” offers like buying you out of your old plan. It sounds like a good deal but I’m learning you have to be careful with such big promises. 499 more words

Cancer patient denied boarding because of health form

A Seattle cancer patient in need of alternative cancer treatment was shocked when his airline turned him away at boarding.  Unsure where to turn, he called me and I took a closer look at what airlines can require of sick patients. 732 more words


Man getting tickets for a vehicle he sold 10 years ago

Guilty until proven innocent? It’s not what we’re used to hearing but that’s what a Seattle man is experiencing. His issue is with a vehicle he no longer owns. 486 more words


iOS 9 - successful downloading and key features

Apple users have been looking forward to the new features in the iOS 9 operating system.  But with the release of the update came a number of complaints about unsuccessful downloads. 57 more words

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Security analyst accidentally discovers hack for some Androids

Heads up to owners of the version 5 Android.  A simple password to lock your home screen may not be enough to keep unwanted users out of your device.   341 more words

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Few taking advantage of toll program

It seemed like a good deal – Good to Go offering to dismiss fees and civil penalties for drivers with few restrictions.  Despite the chance to save some money, it seems few people are taking advantage of the program. 246 more words

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Up-close encounter with a whale

Some kayakers in Moss Landing,

CA had an up-close encounter with a Humpback Whale that they’re likely to never forget.  Don’t worry – the kayakers escaped unharmed.

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