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Should you wash your new clothes first?

Ever consider skipping the inaugural wash of new clothes before wearing them?  New details in the Wall Street Journal may have you thinking twice about that. 141 more words

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ATM Debit Card Theft Up

Data breaches aren’t the only concern. Thieves are targeting ATMs at a higher rate. According to the consumerist.com and Wall Street Journal, theft is up 317%. 135 more words

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Wrong shoes send woman tripping through graduation

You should at least set yourself up for success when you know everyone will be watching!

Blue Bell fans paying big for frozen treats

I love ice cream as much as the next guy.  But $4,000 for two gallons?  According to consumerist.com and the Washington Post, fans of Blue Bell ice cream are going to expensive extremes to get their hands on their favorite frozen treat. 84 more words

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Starbucks denies it was hacked

Starbucks is denying its mobile app was hacked.  The response comes just days after multiple reports that the company had been hacked because of fraudulent activity reports by customers.   160 more words

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Best/Worst airlines for rewards travel

So you’re ready to plan that summer vacation.  Why spend money on airfare if you’ve got rewards miles? But will you be able to cash in those rewards?  156 more words

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Sen. Murray calls for reforms of payday lending rules

Senator Patty Murray is calling for stronger rules on payday loans, vehicle title loans and other high-cost loan products.  Sen. Murray sent a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asking that it consider rules more in line with Washington state.  130 more words

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