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Ranking The Biggest Underdogs Of ‘Friday Night Lights’

If the success of Friday Night Lights taught us anything it’s that America loves a good underdog story. Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his players regularly fought against hardship in order to become better football players – and better men. 1,369 more words


"The Discovery - A Netflix Original Film That Underwhelms"

Dr. Thomas Harbor, portrayed by Oscar winner, Robert Redford (Ordinary People), has scientifically proven that an afterlife exists. He has discovered, that upon death, sub-atomic brain activity is present, and that it leaves the body. 1,009 more words


Battleship Movie Review

Last week I reviewed Priest and mentioned that there were better “so bad, it’s good” movies out there. An example of such a movie, in my opinion, is  819 more words

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The Discovery- Movie Review

The Discovery is an occasionally brilliant science fiction drama, a film that addresses existential topics with surprising insight, and brought forth by characters that the audience genuinely cares about. 347 more words


“The Discovery” Under Delivers on a Fascinating Concept

The Discovery has all the markings of a potent science fiction parable, but none of the follow-through.  The central conceit, that a scientist has discovered irrefutable evidence that an afterlife exists, is simple yet wrought with fascinating consequences.  782 more words

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Review: The Discovery, 2017, dir. Charlie McDowell

I really liked Charlie McDowell’s The One I Love, so imagine my disappointment when I watched The Discovery and found that it’s a pile of reluctant, hedging, self-doubting faux-spiritual feel-good nonsense. 56 more words


Netflix's, The Discovery

Grade: B-

“Where have you been?”

The Discovery would be a wasted effort without its last 20 minutes and its unique casting.

Director and co-writer Charlie McDowell pulls pieces (down to casting the underrated Jesse Plemons and giving his female lead an attractive aloofness and imperfect dye job) from P.T.A.’s The Master, Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, and Charlie Kauffman’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, three great films that concern themselves with existentialism, but he doesn’t come close to their accomplishments.

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