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Wednesday, July 8

Psalms: 119:1-24


1 Samuel: By this time Samuel had managed to inch his way up to the top of King Saul’s “most wanted” list. Samuel goes to Bethlehem to anoint whom the LORD had chosen as the next king of Israel. 76 more words

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Jesse Jay’s Pinball Adventures Ep 1: Zingy Bingy

Jesse Jay’s Pinball Adventures Ep 1: Zingy Bingy

Hosts: Jesse Jay & Ryan C

Join Jessy Jay on her knowledge quest from punter to pinhead, all with a little help from Ryan C! 7 more words

Matt's TOY STORY Birthday Cake

Pesanan mbak Veronica untuk ulang tahun putranya, Matt. Tema: Toy Story. Pemesanan cake/cupcakes/minicupcakes seperti di atas minimal 2 minggu/14 hari sebelum hari H melalui email hernov.info@gmail.com atau sms ke 0818926088.

Moist Choco Ganache

My Covid-19 Guilty Pleasure: 90 Day Fiance

I believe it was in April, I posted on Facebook that I was out of ideas of shows to watch while we’re home for the Stay Home Order in Michigan. 253 more words

90 Day Fiance

No such thing as home

Satan save me, second guessing myself again, televised privacy, prescribed persecution, everyone is the same, everyone is unique, artistic martyr, insomnia dream, voiceless screams, nothing as it seems, nothing is as it seems, puppet string heart, suicide smart, no such thing as home, there is no such thing as home, ruby slipper, serial killer, we were never going to make it, god we tried to make it, nothing is pure, nothing is true, hysterectomy baby, the blind show me what they see….


Extreme indifference to color reason or rhyme, while in my infancy this state suited me just fine, sure as I grew they knew, but still thought me benign, both unaware, and without care, I could warp both space and time, disturbed by my disruption of endless continued progress, I am now locked in a box, medicated heavily with the hope I will regress, if by chance you receive transmission of this electromagnetic broadcast, this frequency was me, Jesse, from a day long gone past, my signal is fading, I’ve lost modulation, I’ve dissipated to particle form, no more wave variation.