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Mermaid/Merman Story

Begin with an opening scene that immediately immerses the reader into the world. The reader needs to know right off the bat that this is a story about merpeople in the ocean. 6,437 more words

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The Little Girl

There was darkness, only darkness, cold walls, a hard floor, and a door heavily locked on the outside. A little girl lay curled up in a corner on a tattered and worn blanket that reeked of unwashed child body odor. 3,205 more words

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The little girl imagined herself as an orangutan swinging from branch to branch in a bright green jungle. The sun shone through the tall trees and giant ferns, a strange bird cawed in the distance. 2,841 more words

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Mr. Peanut

“Logan,” his mom’s voice pushes through the wall separating the kitchen from the living room.

“Yeah?” he yells at the T.V. he is kneeling in front of as he carefully guides Link through a maze of shrubbery to avoid being seen by the castle guards. 2,250 more words

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Turning 21

“Come ON Sarah, come out with us! You can’t celebrate your birthday by yourself! You’re 21 for god’s sake! Live it up! Come party with us, please?” 2,611 more words

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Lucas the Lion Tamer

The wild savannah grass waved gracefully around her. The lioness’s powerful muscles rippled as she moved across the African plains. Her sleek, tan fur blended in perfectly with her surroundings, rendering her virtually invisible. 1,635 more words

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“Hurry up now Arielle!”

“Yes, please my dear. Your mother and I are scheduled to meet with the grand council in five minutes!” Father’s footsteps echo louder in the enormous stone hallway as he quickens his pace. 2,688 more words

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