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Here's Where You'll Find Mad Men's Leading Ladies After the Series Ends

The end is near for Mad Men, and it’s not getting any easier to let this one go. But what’s helping just a tiny bit  317 more words

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I love Zou Bisou: In defense of "Mad Men's" Megan Draper.

So, the final half-season of AMC’s now classic series Mad Men is on again–episode 3 of the final sequence airs tonight–and people are again talking about this, probably my all time favorite TV show. 1,308 more words


Henry Francis Drinks Your Milkshake, and other observations from this week's 'Mad Men' ('New Business')

If Diana the Menkenish waitress hadn’t sent moonlighting travel agent Don Draper packing, how long do you think it would have taken for our dapper hero to discover that his apartment had been gutted bare by a vengeful French-Canadian expatriate? 1,488 more words


Mad Men Recap: Moving Forward with "New Business"

In last night’s episode of Mad Men, titled “New Business,” we possibly said goodbye to a character for good, were surprised by a character who stuck around longer than expected, missed a few of our favorites (Joan, where were you?), and were even introduced to a new character. 570 more words


Femininity, Menswear and Pattern on Mad Men

It’s May 1970 on Mad Men and the message is that some things change, some stay the same. Don’s penchant for brunettes in pain is one staple you can rely on and “New Business” opens with the exception to this rule. 526 more words

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Fashion Friday :: once more.

So, I interrupt the MCU etymology series to bring you the last round of by-week Mad Men fashion.  This week, attempted hipster versions of the ladies’ promo dresses/outfits.  67 more words