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The Most Difficult Verse in the Bible

Double fulfillment of prophecy makes no sense to a Jew. I am confounded by Dispensationalists, in particular, who explain away difficult Bible verses to the second and third degree. 1,291 more words


Homeless women shatter myths and share hopes

By Tom Siebert
Assistant director for community relations
PADS of Kendall County

The face of homelessness is often female.

Three women were recent dinner and overnight guests at Harvest New Beginnings church in Oswego. 663 more words

Tom Siebert

The only labels that matter

Labels have been on my mind lately. The world loves to label things and people…especially people.

Fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, gay, straight, rich, poor, smart, dumb, introvert, extrovert, jock, nerd, righteous, wicked, happy, sad. 889 more words



It comes in so many colors.

Ones we can see and name and almost touch.

And those we detect, feel, use, but do not see. 195 more words


Musing on revelation....nothing like the power of the Holy Spirit!

Divine revelation really has no receptacle in the man outside Christ…to such a man, the unfolding and unveiling of the “fellowship of the mystery” registers no spark of Reality or Truth. 233 more words

Jesus Christ

My Exciting Pre-Announcement and Why You Haven't Heard From Me Lately!!!

Lately I have been off-line. I have had insights and inquiries I wanted to discuss with you; but instead I have used any time on my computer to put the final touches on my latest project. 699 more words

Vicki Burbach