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The Sea, beckoning a return

"Are you ready?"My Lord asks.

"Maybe,"I reply.

"Well at least it's not no this time."

I respond, "it may take more time." But I feel the pull.

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Jesus Christ

Poets - Ha!

Is a poet a poet
after they write
their first poem?
Or does a poet become a poet
in the moment God strikes them
with a concept so illuminating… 86 more words

Don't be Blinded

Wow what a wonderful read. We must stay watchful and vigilant at all times. Thanks great read.

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On Being United to Christ

To be united to God in Christ is to be where Christ is (in the everlasting Sabbath) and what Christ is (glorified, beyond the reach of sin and death).  65 more words

Jesus Christ

David's Prayer For Deliverance- Psalm 3

Lord thank you for delivering us…
Thank you for putting us on the right path… Guiding our steps, and blessing our paths. In Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏼 27 more words