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马克6:35 天晚了,门徒前来对他说:“这里是旷野的地方,天已经很晚了,36 请叫他们散开,好让他们往周围的田舍村庄去,自己买点东西吃。”37 耶稣回答他们:“你们给他们吃吧!”门徒说:“要我们去买两百银币的饼给他们吃吗?” 38 耶稣说:“去看看你们有多少饼!”他们知道了,就说:“五个饼,还有两条鱼。” 39 耶稣吩咐他们叫大家分组坐在青草地上。 40 他们就一排一排地坐了下来,有一百的,有五十的。 41 耶稣拿起这五个饼、两条鱼,望着天,祝谢了;然后把饼擘开,递给门徒摆在群众面前,又把两条鱼也分给群众。 42 大家都吃了,并且吃饱了。 43 他们把剩下的零碎捡起来,装满了十二个篮子,44 吃饼的人,男人就有五千。

约翰6: 9 “这里有个小孩子,带着五个大麦饼、两条鱼;只是分给这么多人,有甚么用呢?” 24 more words


Jesus feeds five thousand people

This story is from John 6 ( and the other gospels too). In the story basket we had Jesus, Andrew, the young boy, a paper chain of people to represent the crowd and the lunch of two fish and five loaves.   75 more words

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What To Do When You Have Little To Offer: John 6:1-13

A Lack Of Bread (and Fish)

After the healing on the Sabbath at the pool of Bethesda, and after Jesus’ amazing and elegant response to the hatred of the Pharisees, Jesus heads to the other side of the Sea of Galilee where he sits down with his disciples. 996 more words

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