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Prosperity is part of your journey

I just wanted to share this quote:

“I asked God, ‘Why are You taking me through the water?’ And He replied, ‘Because your enemies can’t swim.” 69 more words


One of Those Romans 8:28 Kind of Moments

Miriamu is a woman of small stature but great courage. I met her in north central Tanzanian a year ago yesterday (October 1). She was to be our translator for our two month tenure among the Hadzabe Bushmen. 629 more words


Christ is Enough

So, the past week and a half have been a spiritual battle for me. I’m struggling with keeping the things in my life actually worthwhile. I’ve been desperately pulling myself away from distraction after distraction. 912 more words

College Life

New School Year

Hello fellow readers, I had such a wonderful summer and I hope you did as well! For those of you who don’t know my name is AJ Cooper i’m a second year student attending Bayside College Of Ministry in Bradenton, Florida. 57 more words


What am I Missing?

You may have heard of these people. They are all a part of/related to/ friends of the illustrious Robertson Family. You might otherwise know them as the young generation of the Duck Dynasty.  712 more words


humble my heart

Today is a pretty big deal day for me.

today, exactly 3 years ago, On Sept.9,2012 I had a conversation with God. I said Jesus, all I want to do is encourage someone, let them know how much you love them so they wont think about ending their beautiful life. 483 more words

Welcome to the Freak Show

It was early morning – the sun not even up yet – and Lord was it cold. Even so, I was wearing only my white daisy dukes along with my hoodie. 672 more words