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On dc Talk, Their Music, Nostalgia, and the Evolution of One's Personal Taste

I know this is a really overtly specific situation, but stay with me for a second: If you ever find yourself in a group of people in between the age of twenty and thirty-five who grew up in a Christian household and the conversation has grown stale, just ask everyone what their favorite dc Talk song is. 2,286 more words


Yay, Monday

I’m a bit buzzy this morning. Si will be home at midnight (yay), I have the OK to work from home tomorrow (which means walking Mase to school, always great conversations) and the option to crash again (probably needed), compliments on my new dress and the boss is away this week, so there isn’t any meetings & therefore extra reports. 413 more words


Following Jesus is like Doing Laundry

Friday, after one of my classes had been canceled for the day, I decided to do laundry. And let me admit it here and now, I had been lazy all week, ignoring my ever-filling clothes hamper in favor of completing an assignment (or more likely, finishing what show I was watching/pinteresting my heart out). 1,200 more words


Part one: my faith

The first of three posts about my very own testimony. This is a very scary thing for me. I’ve allowed my past to define me for years now. 865 more words

The Road I Chose To Take

Many are called but few are chosen to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It may not be so much the fact that they are chosen, but the fact that they are willing to endure the lifestyle that comes with it. 274 more words


Prosperity is part of your journey

I just wanted to share this quote:

“I asked God, ‘Why are You taking me through the water?’ And He replied, ‘Because your enemies can’t swim.” 69 more words


One of Those Romans 8:28 Kind of Moments

Miriamu is a woman of small stature but great courage. I met her in north central Tanzanian a year ago yesterday (October 1). She was to be our translator for our two month tenure among the Hadzabe Bushmen. 629 more words