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Acknowledging Jesus

Matthew 10:33

In the past two weeks, I saw three men wearing Christian clothes.  The first man shook hands with a cop at a community event while wearing a shirt that said, “Jesus Freak.”  The second man chatted with others at a festival while wearing a shirt with Reese’s colors and design that said “Jesus.”  The third man put groceries on a conveyor belt at a natural food store while wearing a shirt that said, “Messiah.” 57 more words

Jesus Freak

A few weeks ago, my mother gently questioned me about the prevalence of my faith on social media. I asked her if she was worried I was becoming a Jesus freak and she (kinda) jokingly said yes. 429 more words


Favorite Tunes

The radio in my car doesn't work.  No FM or even the vintage-ness of AM.  I am always amazed when I ride with other people that their radio works. 357 more words

IC Warrior

Jesus Freaks

Last week I was blessed to be able to go on a cruise with one of my boys. This cruise was the Jesus Freak 2017 cruise. 1,092 more words

Personal Experience

Jesus Freak

I love this song. What will people think when they hear that I’m a Jesus Freak. What will people do when they find out its true? 361 more words


Going On Vacation

Today I am leaving for a few days on a trip of a lifetime. One of my sons and I are going on a Jesus Freak cruise with the Christian band DC Talk. 376 more words

Personal Experience

Musical Friday - Jesus Freak

DC Talk – Jesus Freak

A church Oppa I knew was the one who introduced this group to me. We used to exchange emails, and talk about different music. 375 more words