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Welcome to My World

Hello Every One and welcome to ‘My STC Blog’

For all those asking, STC is ‘steps to Christ’. I started this blog today as an initiative of my friend Nero Ogbekene see her blog… 75 more words


Can Christians Have Tattoos?

Is the Christian tattoo debate based on biblical truth, or is it a generational difference?

“You know, God forbids tattoos,” the old man said as he flashed that disapproving expression we tattooed folks know all too well.

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Jesus Freak

How to Love Your Neighbor - And Why Your Should

I learned a lesson on loving my neighbors last weekend–how to do it, and why I should even bother.

Yesterday I attended a new church and met many new friends.

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Worth It

Psalm 40:2- He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet on a rock, making my steps secure. 644 more words

You Are Worth The Cross

Years ago, I walked away from God.  I felt like He didn’t care about me anymore and that He didn’t protect me from what He should have.  950 more words

Put On Armor

There are passages in the Bible that I think for all of us we can read over and over again that never speak to us for years.  941 more words

Good Grief

My step-dad was the best human father I could have ever asked for. He loved me as his own daughter: held me when I cried, protected me from bad things in life, laughed with me in my happiest moments, told me that I was beautiful, encouraged me when I felt low and called me out when I was being a jerk.  539 more words