The burning of the fog...

What if what we hoped for is not what is for us? I used to think that i had my life put together and that everything, and I  mean everything, was going perfectly as envisioned in my head.  170 more words

Did You Know Jesus Was Almost Stoned?

          I don’t know how I ever missed this important fact about the life of Jesus.  I knew the Pharisees often tried to trip him up, but I didn’t realize that it had gotten to the point of stoning before his crucifixion. 651 more words

Wordless Woodpecker - Yellow-Fronted

This GOLD reminds us of Heaven. The Bible tells us Heaven has a street of gold! But the best part about Heaven is that God, who created you and me, lives there. 727 more words

Home School

the good news of salvation: heaven on earth

The arrival of Jesus on the scene, which was the fulfillment of this prophecy in Isaiah (Isaiah 61:1-3), means that we have access to every facet of salvation. 603 more words

A long time coming...

Some people see this as a title of redemption or of something which they have been trying for most of their lives to get. Looking for some kind of reward after living a long time with no good thing coming to you. 328 more words


Do you consider your blessings?

There are many who may not think that almost everything in your life is actually a blessing from God but each of them is exactly that. 679 more words