Three words....

In the Old Testament, there are two words which contrast the way that God shows His love and patience for us, and they are “but God”. 878 more words

Give Your Problems To God


Many people seem to be drifting away from the church and it is not a good thing. Why is it so? Because, at this time in our history, we are coming very close to the end of the age spoken of in the Bible. 710 more words


Thank you JESUS

I want to start by thanking my saviour Jesus Christ for blessing me and my wife in such great measure that it can’t be explained neither can it be expressed in words. 669 more words


Drug addictions

To all my friends and family and loved ones. I pray many of us start looking at the world around us. Many are dropping like flies from drug over doses at such a young age. 647 more words

Hidden garments-Treasured Jewels

Ladies this message is to you and I pray it be a blessing to many. For we are not dirty panties to be tossed on the side. 502 more words

Anxiety and Resting in Jesus

“I need to make puppy chow,” I told myself as I thought of what to bring to our Christmas gathering with our kids and grandkids this year. 605 more words

Do you believe?

In the world today, there are many who don’t believe in Jesus or the Bible itself yet it is the inspired Word of God. Although many people don’t believe even that the Bible is God’s Word but just a collection of stories written by a bunch of men. 283 more words

Problem Solving