If God’s presence has really left our country, why? Well, over the last fifty years we have continually pushed Him away from our children, from our educational institutions, from the public square, from being present at football games and other sports through prayer, even out of political and other bodies of legislative actions where His Presence is sorely needed today. 313 more words


Tender Love

 Here is my Poem for today:  especially if you have a new born Baby.

Little One. 134 more words

God made us in his image

A question for the ladies today…

Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and being upset with what you see. Do you ever just sit and pick yourself apart?!? 379 more words


The Thrill-of-the-Chase Narcissist

Today is codependency class day, which means that it is Narcissist Ed day on my blog. I have ironed out my “schedule,” and I will do my narc posts on Mondays. 1,018 more words


Starting Over with Religion

Oh.  I went there.  Religion.  It can separate nations… it can bring people together.  Seems as if everyone has their own “religious” story or experiences.  Let me tell you mine.  832 more words

You're Worth Pursuing

One of you kindred spirits emailed me a song to listen to. “Worth Pursuing” by Laura Rhinehart. A song to the little girl… Thank you so much, … 1,054 more words