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God Answers All Prayers

One day, back in 1933, Sister Angelista, CSC, our 8th Grade teacher at St. Theodore’s School brought five of us boys down six flights of stairs to the Church. 470 more words


In A Cathedral In Florence, Italy

In Florence, Italy, the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Fields, with its multi-colored exterior brick, stands out as an architectural gem in that center of art and culture.  332 more words


The Gospel is not Hostile to the Culture

Jesus of Nazareth stands at the center of the narrative that best explains, for me, the world, the universe, and the reason for human existence. That narrative, with Jesus at the center, gives me a sense of purpose for my life and fills me with hope for the future. 427 more words


Jesus of Nazareth taught how to pray and live in the Kingdom of God.

I believe there are pro-active positive, scripture based solutions to the many problems our nation and the world are facing as we move into the future. 910 more words


Jewish burial customs in the 1st Century and Shroud of Turin evidence

The intent of the following article is to dig a little bit deeper into Jewish burial customs of the 1st Century.

I realized that understanding these customs in a proper manner will also clarify our understanding of the reports of the Gospels. 1,916 more words

A Faith Crisis?

You name it, I’ve done it when it comes to typical Christian church experiences. As a child, I regularly attended services with my parents, looked forward to Sunday School and Choir each week, and eagerly participated in the annual Bible Challenge many years in a row. 863 more words


Live forever.

The life we live in this world is short.  Like the flowers of the grass, we are here today and gone tomorrow.  But the word of the Lord endures forever.  277 more words