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Yeshua walks on water in the perspective of Sefer Bereshit (Book of Genesis)

Mark 6:48

He saw them wearing themselves out by rowing, because the wind was against them.

Around the fourth watch, He came to them. They saw Him walking on the surface of the water, and intended to pass by them. 583 more words

Yeshua Is Lord

Calvarytempleland – People of the Word

Pastor says so, and He’s A prophet (of wickedness). We Like to think so. (Puffed up Pretty Smile). Sigh. No Sorrow Yet. No Repentance/restoring what We have Taken away/Destroyed/Appropriated for ourselves. 269 more words

Star Scott

Subtle shades of meaning ( from "Heart of a Savior")

“ My daughter, I am urging people to get serious now about having a relationship with me, for I am telling you that so many will not recognize me when our Father will send me back. 764 more words

Yeshua Is Lord

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

The Bun
L. A. Marzulli

We are going through some spiritual attacks and I sent out a prayer request and this was Pastor Caspar’s response. 1,434 more words

L. A. Marzulli

The Man Who Made the World

is nothing less than the loud assertion that this mysterious maker of the world has visited his world in person. It declares that really and even recently, or right in the middle of historic times, there did walk into the world this original invisible being; about whom the thinkers make theories and the mythologists hand down myths; the Man Who Made the World. 211 more words

Jesus Christ

No healing from demons - a fallen church in Noble Park

Last Sunday night I went with dear Christian friends to a healing church in Noble Park. Below is an email I sent one of my friends after the experience. 1,000 more words

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