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667: JUST JESUS #7: The Jesus Seminar

Just Jesus, No God!

According to the Jesus Seminar:

  • Jesus of Nazareth was born during the reign of Herod the Great.
  • His mother’s name was Mary, and he had a human father whose name may not have been Joseph.
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The Quest for the Historical Sayings

In historical Jesus studies, one of the well-known issues, due in part to the popular Jesus Seminar, is the deciphering of which sayings are authentic to the historical person of Jesus in first-century Palestine – as opposed to material added into the text by the authors of the Gospel accounts. 669 more words


What was the Jesus Seminar? Should anyone have taken them seriously?

A friend of mine was asking me about the “Jesus Seminar”, which is a group of people who claim to be able to speak for broad spectrum of scholars about who Jesus really was. 962 more words