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JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL ~ Carrie Underwood.

He hla hre lo hi chu mizo thalai zingah chuan an tlem ngawt ang.

Zirtawp zan a ni a, Thlasik lo thleng avang chuan khua a vawt vur mai a. 1,128 more words


Jesus Take The Wheel

There are few things more irritating than driving a car with improperly aligned wheels. From your tires looking like the sole of a shoe that is walked on unevenly; to the vehicle pulling to the side as if is a magnet attracting it, to steering wheel vibrations. 362 more words


wordless wednesday | jesus take the wheel*

* that time when your man has to drive to church separately for an early rehearsal and you manage to get the rest of the family out the door with time to spare (and your hair curled and lipstick on, no less) aaaaaand then you get a flat tire. 168 more words


Dear Channing Tatum

Hey. It’s Angela. I was just writing to see if maybe you have a twin brother. I would obviously prefer identical. If you guys are fraternal, I’m guessing with your genes he’s probably still handsome, but send a picture just in case. 354 more words

Woman Crush Wednesday: Top 5 Carrie Underwood Videos

Watching Carrie Underwood grow as an artists has been an amazing journey for all of us, however, witnessing Carrie become a loving mother has been more than rewarding for all of her fans. 87 more words


not there yet.

So I’ve spent the past 24 hours on the road to hear Rob Bell at a nearby state on his “Everything is Spiritual” tour – very interesting presentation. 236 more words