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EXCLUSIVE: The city politics in Pasadena, California, are white hot and getting hotter



The city of Pasadena in southern California has an annual budget north of $600 million, according to James MacPherson, the publisher of Pasadena Now magazine, … 435 more words

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Voyager 1: 35 Years Ago Today

Thirty-five years ago, on November 12, 1980, Voyager 1 flew past the giant planet Saturn, returning incredible images. The Voyager program was a huge success, and has lead to continued exploration of our solar system. 21 more words


What's Up for November, 2015

What exciting things are happening in the night sky? Check out the video below, from NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory:


Hurricane Patricia Is Being Fueled by El Niño Conditions: Scientists

Patricia, one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded, is being fueled by El Niño, a weather phenomenon that continues to gain strength in the Pacific Ocean, scientists say. 158 more words


JPL's '99.9%' Prediction of Major Earthquake in L.A. Area Sparks Controversy

The magnitude 5.1 La Habra earthquake last year was the biggest temblor to strike the metro L.A. area since 2008. Now, a scientific fight has broken out over how soon another similar earthquake could strike. 133 more words

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How did a "Halloween Asteroid" sneak up on Earth?

On Halloween, an asteroid a little over 4 football fields long will come within 1.3 times the distance of the Moon to Earth.  Dr. Lance Benner, Ph.D. 45 more words

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USGS Questions Study's Claim of 99.9% Chance of Large L.A. Earthquake in the Next 3 Years

The U.S. Geological Survey is raising serious doubts about a recent study that calculates a 99.9 percent chance of a large earthquake in the Los Angeles area in the next three years. 141 more words

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