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NSN Webinar: Juno to Jupiter

On May 11th, 2016 the Star Valley Astronomy Club participated in an exclusive webinar all about the Juno mission to Jupiter! We learned about the Juno spacecraft, and the mission to uncover our solar systems biggest planet: Jupiter. 69 more words


1,284 New Exoplanets Discovered

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 1,284 new exoplanets: NASA: Kepler discovers new exoplanets

What is the Kepler Space Telescope? According to Wikipedia (Click this link to read more) 59 more words


NSN Webinar: MESSENGER at Mercury

On April 18th, 2016, the Night Sky Network hosted a webinar about the Messenger mission to the enigmatic planet Mercury. The guest speaker, Dr. Larry Nittler, talked about some of the many exciting highlights and scientific data from the mission. 152 more words


The Spider Nebula and Young Stars

A nebula (cloud of interstellar gas and dust) known as “The Spider” glows vividly green in an infrared image taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope… 340 more words


NASA taps 3 for summer internships

April 4, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Internships are a vital part of the college experience, no matter where a student does them. But when students get the chance to intern with NASA, it’s an opportunity that they cannot pass up. 787 more words

What's Up for April, 2016

What exciting things are happening in the night sky? Check out the video below, from NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory: