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The Gift Of Maturity: Understanding How Life Works

#Thursday Sept 28 2017The Gift Of MaturityThere are different stages in life that one goes through. ️Every 7 years (Uranus) a new layer of being is the focus on our development. 13 more words


..Hurricane Harvey's Floodwaters Were So Extreme That They Warped Earth's Crust...

…..Wait!…..What? !…………

Hurricane Harvey from The International Space Station.

Hurricane Harvey is set to be one of the costliest natural disasters in American history. It was both unusually wet and extremely slow, and as a result, it dumped a whopping… 440 more words


Jack Parsons Biographical Compilation [Crowley, O.T.O, L. Ron Hubbard]

NASA was always a front for JPL and black budget programs. The funding NASA gets is a drop in the bucket compared to how the deep state gets most of their money. 816 more words


Untitled 1: On the San Gabrielino Trail

2010 was the last year before the start of the Great California Drought. That year, heavy downpours drove mud and debris down from the foothills through what are ordinarily dry, or nearly dry, river beds all the way to the Hahamongna basin. 179 more words

"Ceres: Queen of the Asteroid Belt," NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2015

This was one of 14 faux, retro travel posters entitled “The Exoplanet Travel Bureau Poster Series,” produced two years ago by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.   30 more words

NASA's rover Curiosity completed a Lustrum

NASA’s rover Curiosity has successfully completed its Lustrum on red planet Mars. In the span of 5 years exploration Curiosity found out that the Mars had the right chemistry to support living microbes. 252 more words


Large, Distant Comets More Common Than Previously Thought

NASA’s WISE spacecraft, scanning the entire sky at infrared wavelengths, has delivered new insights about distant cometary wanderers.

Comets that take more than 200 years to make one revolution around the Sun are notoriously difficult to study.

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