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A Japanese BBQ - Experiences and Opinions

The other day I went a Japanese Style BBQ with the tennis club in my city. I joined them when I first came here because I wanted to make friends and get to know people as soon as I could. 640 more words


Ricky + this chicky

When I first arrived in Japan for Jet
I was at Narita and hadn’t even gone through customs yet

I was with my friend Sam and we met Ricky standing in line, 244 more words


Midyear Conference

Part of being a JET in Miyazaki is attending the annual Skills Development Conference (SDC) in January.  The SDC has actually changed quite a bit since I first arrived in January, but the goal of the conference remains the same; to help the ALTs that have been (largely) brought here with little to no training get ideas and generally get better/ learn how to do their jobs.   1,026 more words


Country of 100 Legs

By Laurel Dammann | Feature art by Andrea Deszö

“It came at me.”
“It came at you?”
She mimes a demented wiggle with her chopsticks and I stop chewing. 1,119 more words


Getting Started with Oracle JET Composite Components by Geertjan Wielenga

I worked with JB Brock yesterday on setting up and using Oracle JET’s new Composite Component Architecture.

The aim of it all is to have reusable components that enable you to define your own HTML elements, like this, for example: 120 more words


JET and Siebel – A Match Made in Heaven? by Alexander Hansal

Almost a year ago on OpenWorld 2015, Oracle announced the arrival of Oracle JET, a collection of open source JavaScript libraries along with a set of Oracle contributed JavaScript libraries. 221 more words


Time Warp

Back when I first started on Jet,
I had an idea I thought would be the best

At this school, when the kids turn 20,  279 more words