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Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet, Pilots Killed

The Syrian civil war has been spilling across the borders in various ways of late. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have been pouring into Europe, necessitating the European Union and individual member states to address the issue officially. 267 more words


Putin, Parliament Deputy Point to American Treachery in Shot-Down Bomber

After a Russian SU-24 bomber was shot down from the rear in the disputed airspace between Turkey and Syria by two fighter jets of a NATO-member country last week—an act that was dubbed “a stab in the back” by Vladimir Putin—both Russian politicians and the public wasted no time putting the blame on all-too-familiar villain: the United States. 1,099 more words

Looking Up

Big empty sky,
A streak of white,
Moving fast.

A low-flying jet,
Burnished by the setting sun,
Passing by overhead.




The jet screams down the tarmac but it’s all
fading fast. Grass breaks through asphalt; trees rise;
branches twine forming a forbidding wall. 134 more words


Putin and Hollande go after Erdogan’s racket

And in less than 17 seconds, Prime Minister Ahmet “I ordered it myself” Davutoglu had authorized Turkey to shoot down a Russian Su-24 – only a few hours before Hollande met with President Obama. 963 more words

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Hakodate Take 2

Every year after the Skills Development Conference in Aomori City, a group of JETs jump on a ferry and head to Hakodate, a city on the southernmost tip of Hokkaido, just a four-hour journey away.  590 more words

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