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Post Interview Process of the JET Program (and Preparations After)

So you finished your interview and you waited the two months while the JET gods are deciding your fate. After those two months, you will receive an email of either congratulations, you made it onto the short-list or you are on the alternate list. 1,595 more words


A pair of pentacle bracelets

I personally love the pentacle as a symbol. It may not be the primary symbol I use for my own path (that would be the valknut), but I would definitely say it is a secondary one. 498 more words


New Item- Psychic Protection Wreath

New from Sky Rose Essentials!


Psychic Protection Wreath

Purple for power, with Amethyst, Hematite, and Jet beads for power, and protection against psychic attack… 13 more words

New Items

Citizen Jet Autodater 21 jewels

The Jet movement is a ring rotor one that I really like a lot. Rumor has it that Citizen chose to replace this movement with a central swing rotor, even though the rotor one was better, because the later one was cheaper to produce.   214 more words


JET: An Overview

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve begun to prepare for the JET Programme. This post will serve to explain the programme and my efforts so far. 805 more words


Twilight Yggdrasil

And now on Layaway for a customer, that was fast! :)

This necklace would be a stunning stealth devotional piece to wear for Odin–perfect for a godspouse or any devotee, or as a gift to place on His shrine. 322 more words


I'm Looking For Someone

This is Part 24 of DeathWatch, the ongoing serial.

Go to the Serials page if you need to start at the beginning, or to find the rest. 1,878 more words