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NCIS: Season 10

The 10th season is definitely my favorite season so far, and probably will remain so due to the exit of Ziva David. This season has a lot of Tiva moments (Tony and Ziva). 1,049 more words

TV Shows

Very Berry Jelly.

This is a random post. I’m very busy these days and as my Facebook status says: “I am at this point in my life where not checking my email for one day means chaos and confusion! 152 more words


The House of LEO

This isn’t about the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion; it’s about television shows with LEOs in them. That is to say, L… 1,598 more words


5-Word 365 #194 - Summer School

I’m a child of the eighties. Despite everything about that decade that makes us collectively cringe in hindsight, there were a lot of really good movies around. 758 more words


Strait's Rules for Living Well

On a favorite television program, NCIS, you can find one of my heroes: Special-Agent-In-Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is a man of contrasts, imperfect yet committed to finish the job as best he can, like me. 1,039 more words

Real World Faith

Phonecalls, Solitary and a new selfmade wallpaper.

My Pal J (PA) would have called me yesterday, but when his mom emailed me friday that she was worried about him because she hadn’t heard from him in a week, I knew that he probably wouldn’t call me. 101 more words


NCIS - The Cartoon?

It’s less than 3 weeks till the beginning of season 8 for Gibbs and company. Seems likeĀ  a good time for some random thoughts. Many folks were quite fond of Kate Todd, played by Sasha Alexander and were sad to see her go, as was I. 296 more words