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Creating a Gallery

A gallery displays a set of thumbnail images on a page so it’s easy for visitors to
scan them (Figure 10-3). To take a closer look at a pic, all you need to do is click a… 533 more words


A Personal Kiwi Jetpack

You have seen in the movies. Now, some busy little bees in New Zealand have made it possible for you to have a personal Jetpack that really works. 201 more words

You could buy your own personal jetpack by 2017

The future is nearly here.

Jetpack maker Martin Aircraft has announced that its first jetpacks—aimed at first responders for use in search and rescue missions—will be ready for delivery in the second half of 2016, and that its “personal jetpacks” for the consumer market will be ready for use by the middle of 2017. 120 more words

A Jetpack for the (not-so) Average Joe

Our dreams of the future are imagined with hologram phones, meal-in-a-pill, and flying… humans. In comes the jetpack! 212 more words


The First Jetpack In The World That You Can Buy

You should be able to purchase the world’s first commercially available personal jetpack next year for a crap load of money and that is $150.000. 103 more words


Commercial jetpack on the market for 2016

The world’s first commercially available personal jetpack should go on sale to customers next year, at a cost of around $150,000.
The Martin Jetpack has been developed over the past 35 years, the dream of then university student, New Zealander Glenn Martin.