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The Flowerpot Men didn't have smartphones

By Nick Place

I like to think I’m not a nerd but I have a guilty secret: sometimes I just find myself staring at my smartphone and shaking my head in wonder. 1,082 more words


Anthem is Bioware’s open-world sci-fi shooter with jetpacks

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

Bioware—the studio behind the likes of Mass Effect and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic—has a new sci-fi game in the works. 290 more words


Is Dubai's Jetpack Fire Fighter A Reasonable Solution To A Real Problem?

Think your city’s traffic is bad? Dubai is likely worse. The rapidly expanding city has some of the worst traffic in the world, and that can be a particular problem when vehicles catch on fire, especially on bridges. 185 more words


Amazing Video: Firefighters In Dubai Use Jetpacks To Fight Fire

When it comes to cool and sometimes unusual stuff, Dubai never ceases to amaze us.

Click to watch as firefighters in Dubai use advanced technology to combat fire in difficult places.

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Rebels Review: S3E7 "Imperial Supercommandos"

Lewis: Alright, where do you want to start? Overall impressions?

Ben: Yeah, I thought it was a pretty strong episode all in all; a nice call back to previous episodes. 973 more words

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