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Watch the 'World's Only Jetpack' Circle the Statue of Liberty

Personal flight technology soared to whole new levels recently when Jetpack Aviation unveiled its JB-9 jetpack, “the world’s only real jetpack,” according to the company… 149 more words

Aircraft using Battery power for take-off

The Concept of Battery Drones

The future of aviation may just be in the hands of battery operated Jetpacks. Researchers are trying to develop an aircraft that will be able to fly over the Atlantic using only the source of power from batteries. 348 more words


Emirates: #HelloJetman

A short video to raise adrenaline levels and start dreaming of flying:


Monster Community Pool - 11/5/2015

I just left a meeting where two people were sick.  I should have teleconferenced in, even though the room was down the hall.

Video: Two men in jetpacks chase a jumbo jet in Dubai

In this stunning ad from Emirates airline, two men (Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet) wear jetpacks and chase a jumbo jet over Dubai.

It is scary and thrilling and if this isn’t a set piece in the next Bond film I am going to be disappointed. 6 more words