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Flying High

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It would not be wrong to say that Hollywood movies have been a true source of inspiration for all the science and tech nerds.   236 more words


Little Astronauts

Sharing my first post on fun toddler activities. Made these fun little rocket jetpacks for my boys and the first they wore them, i died of cuteness and ofcourse took a million photos. 527 more words


WARP to build lift into space - plans an eccentric orbit.

Okay, every political party needs to have an infrastructure policy and WARP is no exception. Most Australians live in cities, so this particular set of policies will focus on the cities, but fear not if you live in the country, WARP has not forgotten you. 546 more words

Poe Dameron #1

So I’m a little late getting Poe’s first issue reviewed and up on the site. With the Rogue One and the craziness that followed that whirlwind and the issues at the time with WordPress the first issue was sidelined. 835 more words


Tribes: Ascend gets a new update

Hi-Rez Studios has announced the successful deployment of the latest update to Tribes: Ascend. 173 more words


Media Ethics

LAPD Plans to Spend $1 Billion on Jet Packs for Officers

Back in 2010, the Los Angeles Police Department announced a big purchase to help put them on the cutting edge of maintaining awareness in crowded areas, reducing the spread of rioting and ensuring that kids still consider cops to be cool.Fox News’ Fox & Friends morning show not only broke the story, but also became the first major news outlet to show complete bafflement about the appalling amount of money being spent by the city of LA on something so frivolous. 80 more words

Dubai to battle skyscraper blazes with a fleet of flying firefighters

On New Year’s Eve 2015, the world watched as Dubai’s 63-storey The Address Hotel exploded into flames. As the dramatic fireworks rose up, the high-rise showered debris on the streets below, leaving emergency crews to attempt to contain the blaze that nearly reached the top of the 302-metre-high skyscraper. 355 more words