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The Unfulfilling Vision of Tomorrowland

Detailed in Esquires’ recent article, “Inside Walt Disney’s Ambitious, Failed Plan to Build the City of Tomorrow,” the visionary pioneer behind the House of Mouse set his sights on something grander and more utilitarian than the awe-inspiring theme parks that he has become legendary for. 1,008 more words

DEVLOG: Random Acts of Mining, part 2 - Shamelessly ripping off another developer

Good artists borrow, great artists steal.

– Pablo Picasso

This is pretty much the defining quote for the turning point in Random Acts of Mining…

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They Promised us Jetpacks

It was always touted that the “future” would bring us the likes of flying cars, jetpacks, transporters, and food in pill form. While we’re still waiting on most of our technology to reach Jetsons-esque proportions, the tag-team of Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet of… 38 more words


Finally, Jetpacks!!

We’ve been promised jetpacks since James Bond first used one back in the 60’s but somehow the technology hasn’t become mainstream although that may be about to change. 42 more words

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Video: Two Men Fly Over Dubai, In Jetpacks

Hasn’t everyone’s dream been to be able to fly? Imagine flying over Dubai!

These two guys strapped on jetpacks and flew over all of Dubai. 67 more words


Your Wildest Jetsons Fantasies Are About to Come True

Are you ready to live out your wildest George Jetson fantasies? Because personal jetpacks may finally be here.

New Zealand-based jetpack manufacturer Martin Aircraft Company will officially list on the Australian Stock Exchange Tuesday morning, according to… 61 more words