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Pandu Uji Pelbagai Model Volkswagen Di Jakel Mall Kuala Lumpur

SEMPENA kedatangan Aidilfitri tidak lama lagi, Volkswagen Malaysia menawarkan sesi pandu uji kepada pengunjung Jakel Mall pada setiap hujung minggu sepanjang bulan Ramadan.

Sekiranya anda merancang untuk mengunjungi pusat beli-belah tersebut, jangan lupa singgah dan memandu uji model-model Volkswagen seperti Polo, Polo Sedan, Jetta dan Golf R. 66 more words

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Kunjungi Siri Jelajah Volkswagen Sekarang

VOLKSWAGEN Malaysia memulakan siri jelajah di pusat  membeli-belah terpilih di Lembah Klang bagi membolehkan orang ramai merasai pengalaman dengan jenama tersebut. Para pengunjung berpeluang melihat secara dekat barisan model Volkswagen termasuk Beetle Bug. 101 more words

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Playing Hardball

This weekend, I learned a thing or two about shopping for cars, and a thing or twenty about my parents.

When I’ve shopped with my mom and dad in the past, we’ve been on the hunt for things like plants, or towels, or “decorative throw pillows,” or discounted lawn chairs, or, “the perfect end table for the living room,” or, “the perfect end table for the family room,” or, “the perfect end table for the dining room.” (My question is, what happened to all of the first halves of tables?) 1,863 more words

Goodbye Jetta, I'll love you forever - 12 of 100

Well we did it – we sold the Jetta. Dan took the day off on Monday and was so incredibly productive, it made me feel a bit shameful for how little I do on the weekdays of my maternity leave (I mean, I feel like I’ve had a productive day when I do laundry AND empty the dishwasher AND take a shower…he sold a CAR… 965 more words


Goodbye, War Machine, old friend

I had a car. A silver Jetta I’d named War Machine, following an Avengers naming convention that I’d inadvertently started with my Galant, Thor (and briefly followed by a green Dodge Caravan named Bruce Banner – the Hulk). 561 more words

Music: 'Start A Riot' by Jetta

Music: ‘Start A Riot’ by Jetta 

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Life is a Highway, Part 3: Meet George Jetson

Driving is one of my favorite things to do.  I am a self-proclaimed car purist (ok, snob, elitist, whatever you want to call me) and I have very specific tastes.   537 more words