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Give Me a Ryhme so I Can Boogaloo

Blue ink scans as purple…interesting :1

Cute princess costumes are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to draw.

Also I have a list of things to draw for the summer to teach me how to stick with ideas and see personal projects through to completion. 100 more words

New South VentPod Kits

Check out our amazing selection of New South VentPod Kits!

Using the identical LEDs that light the Volkswagen instrument panel, the Indigo gauges are a new, cost-effective option for VW enthusiasts. 47 more words


Sketch Dump 3

I traded in a Gravity Falls reference for a shoe meme for the last tagline and I feel all of the regret

More sketches! Wooo! 406 more words



Dang Daniel! Back at it again with the sketches!

I draw Brooke a lot. If you don’t draw Brooke a lot, you forget how to draw Brooke, and her face gets so out of proportion that you try to erase it with a brush pen and that makes things worse :P… 147 more words


The Story of My Car

It was February 9th. I think. I’m bad with dates. But it was February, and I was already having a not so good day. My anxiety was becoming increasingly difficult to manage, and I had this nagging feeling that even though I was totally prepared for class, I wouldn’t be going. 1,846 more words

EAST YORK OBSERVER: Police partners honoured for rescue

By Daniel McKenzie

A feature story I wrote for the April 15th print edition of The East York Observer.

Click here for downloadable PDF of the newspaper page. 635 more words

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Jetta - Feels like coming home

N-ar strica să îți începi săptămîna cu gînduri de întoarcere acasă, mai ales dacă înveți și / sau lucrezi undeva departe.