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Jew hatred and Sharia law - in Australia, FFS…

We’re screwed. Sharia in action. Not in Iran or Saudi, but here, in Australia.

This Muslim got more than he bargained for when he followed the instructions in the Qur’an and started assaulting a Jew – be was both flattened… 115 more words

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What do the Palestinians want? Not the end of the occupation but the end of Israel

The question and answer in my headline might seem a bit harsh, a bit raw, but if you look at the bare facts and study history – the history of the Middle East and the history of the Jewish nation – it is hard to come to any other conclusion. 1,958 more words


Israel criticised for defending itself against Qur'an-mandated Jew hatred

Hatred of the Jews is mainstream Islam, mandated by the Qur’an, which amongst other things, labels them apes and pigs.

Israel has suffered vicious assaults from Muslims since the 7th century. 398 more words

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preterist response

a man named Christopher recently was on a preterist blog wondering out loud about the supernatural hatred directed toward the Jew, of course

“They will all know me” is the promise of God to Jeremiah about the Jewish nation in Jeremiah 34:31. 364 more words


Stephen Schwartz wrote an article in today’s Huffington Post suggesting that the coincidence of Jewish and Islamic Holy Days this year represents an opportunity for goodwill. 1,983 more words


Jeremy Corbyn, the Left, and its antisemitism problem

The hitherto almost-unknown British Labour MP and backbencher Jeremy Corbyn has surged ahead in the Labour elections for a new leader, and to the establishment’s surprise and utter horror, it looks like he will become the new leader. 2,439 more words

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