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U.S. Election: Cry Babies & Safety Pins!

Chris Scott of SafetyPinDecal.com posted in Product Hunt 3 days ago.

This is what was posted & below is my annoyed response. How apt is the Safety-Pin symbol for these cry-babies!? 717 more words


The Top 10 Schools Supporting Terrorists

The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists: Fall 2016 Report

By Stop the Jew Hatred on Campus


The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists… 45 more words


(#JewHatred) The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists: UC-Berkeley

This is one of ten articles in a series the David Horowitz Freedom Center is currently publishing, each of which focuses on one of the top ten schools in the United States that feature campus organizations that openly support terrorists. 2,033 more words

Collapse Of The West

Israeli Ambassador To UN Danny Danon Says That Hatred Of Jews At ‘Highest Levels Of Our Lifetime’

TEL AVIV – Jew hatred and demonization of Israel are at “the highest level of our lifetimes,” Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said at a high-level forum on anti-Semitism held on Wednesday at the UN’s headquarters in New York. 816 more words
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Slandering Israel - who cares about the inconvenient truth?

Last week the UK’s Independent ran an extremely nasty hit-piece on Israel, claiming that Israel deliberately cut off water supplies to a Palestinian town during Ramadan, purely for the sheer sadistic pleasure in it.  1,478 more words


Oops: Islamist Leader Boasts ‘Thank God for Islamophobia’ at Conference

Openly exulting on Twitter, they can hardly maintain the deception any longer. They thank Allah for “Islamophobia” – the pathetic wool-over-the-eyes taqiyya they play on the West – that Islam is The Religion of Peace and that anyone who criticizes Islam commits Thoughtcrime. 409 more words

Collapse Of The West

Guest Post: Using Leanne Mohamad

This is a guest post by “Maror”.

The background to this post concerns a speech given by a young English girl, Leanne Mohamad, in the framework of a debate competition. 788 more words