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Contemporary Left Antisemitism

Discussion here within the British context and from someone very well-placed to offer an overview of the problem: it’s easy to see similar trends in the US, CA and elsewhere. 82 more words

Regressive Left

On Words: Hypocrisy

Where to actually begin? Let’s start with a definition for this column. Hypocrisy, “do as I say not as I do”…..There are people in this world who like to tell others how to live, what to think, and how to behave. 1,092 more words


Let's Knock it Off With The Jew-Hatred Already. Enough is Enough.

Jew-hatred, Jew-blaming, Ad nauseum—it’s an old story and always a lethal one for Jews, with consequences for everyone. And whether they know it or not, which they most assuredly do not, it debases those who promote and engage in it. 884 more words

Islamic Studies

The Lebensraum of Islam Demands More Breathing Room, Fewer Breathing Jews

The Final Solution, with its immediate extermination of the Jews, has been replaced by the Two State Solution, an intermediate process in which the land on which Jews can live in security is partitioned into smaller and smaller pieces. 1,159 more words

Collapse Of The West

Mary Lefkowitz

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the amazingly brave Mary Lefkowitz, a beacon of light for intellectual integrity, truth and liberality. I’d urge you to read  65 more words

Regressive Left