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The 13 Bloodlines

The Zionist-Globalists or “Illuminati” might have their hooks in virtually every important politician, business, and entertainer, but at the top, there are alleged to be only 13 bloodlines who control the Cabal, although there are likely many more families involved. 1,165 more words

Old Testament Names for The Most High


Name Meaning Strong’s EL SHADDAI

(el shad-di’) All-Sufficient One/Lord God Almighty H7706

EL ELYON (el el-yone’) The Most High God H5945 ADONAI… 152 more words


Jews Blamed: Puerto Rico Relief Failures

A column published by Puerto Rico’s most circulated newspaper said disaster relief decisions on the island are controlled “behind closed doors” by “the Jews.” Wilda Rodriguez, a columnist for San Juan’s El Nuevo Dia, writes in the piece “What does ‘the Jew’ want with the colony?” that “the Jews” are the “secret structure that rules the United States … behind closed doors.” 345 more words

Israel Commentary

Is prophethood provisional?

The inability of the disbelievers to address the Quranic challenge, is one of the proofs for Muhammed’s ﷺ prophethood. The challenge being: for the disbelievers to produce a chapter that rivals the eloquence of any the Quran’s chapters: 365 more words

Germany Bans Jew 2018

Let me explain. I called the latest German government what they are doing between Merkel, Junkers whose ancestors built NAZI bombers and Soros involvement in Germany as a bunch of frigging NAZIS. 271 more words

The Commie Bash