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J.L.O. Repurposed Jewelry Dangle Bracelets

My newest creation are these bangle-dangle bracelets from repurposed old jewelry. A while ago I bought a whole bunch of old jewelry at Value Village. Every now and then they sell these huge bags full of really weird 90thies jewelry or ugly holiday souvenirs. 542 more words

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DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are never out of the fashion just like the color white and black. They are active in the fashion world and favored by jewelry designers and young women. 180 more words

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Zodiac Bracelet Tutorial

Holy moly….. where has the time gone???

I know I know its been a few weeks month since I’ve posted anything on my lil’ blog, but life in the past few weeks has been crazy. 799 more words


Time After Time- Clock DIY Ideas

Even though we have our cell phones and computers to tell us the time, I’m still a fan of wall clocks. I love ALL kinds. I noticed recently that I don’t have one in my bedroom or home office. 264 more words


A Beady Storm Bracelet Tutorial

Hey, guys! It’s Kayla, again. I’m back with yet another tutorial.

It’s a bracelet again, but the style is a little different. I hope you guys still like it! 223 more words


Polished Fairytale Ring

Polished Fairytale ring. Get it? Polished, because the main component is nail polish? No? Ok. :P

Hello! This is Musa Melodic, and I’m bringing you Gemstones In The Rough’s 5th tutorial—the Polished Fairytale ring! 212 more words


Tears of a Flower Necklace Tutorial

Hey, guys! Kayla here.

I’m back with another tutorial, but this time, it’s on a┬ánecklace. Like before,┬áit’s quite plain. I prefer my accessories plain, so I hope you guys don’t mind. 295 more words