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My Former Caffeine Fix

Location: Etsy, from Thailand; Material: Metal, Paper, & Resin

Yes, FORMER addiction.  I used to drink 2-4 cans of Diet Coke a day.  I know I know, terrible for me.  138 more words


How much money to pay for cleaning Swiss watch

I believe that many people love the watches know that watches a year need to be cleaned every once in order to extend the life of the watch. 125 more words

Wholesale Watches

At Least 1 Years Relative Jewelry Retail Sales Experience

People often say that refers to the red ruby gem, but in the gemstone industry, there are many varieties of red gemstone, only one can be used exclusively ruby gem this name, this gem specifically refers to gem grade red corundum. 365 more words


Why CBA? Eco-friendly jewelry with a story that gives back :)

You don’t want to miss out on the
chance to have a free website for life and be an Amber Premiere Stylist!

I was drawn to the full circle stories of how our interlayers are made by women from around the world from Mali to Senegal to Nepal. 93 more words

Color By Amber

DIY Moon Necklace

Here is the direct link to the video I posted on previously.